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Mass RDM

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What game? (CoD, BF3, Ect..): Arma 3
What server were you on?: Altis Life
What time/date is the report for?: Today
What is the players name that you are reporting?: iiSpank-x-Spank

So I was telling this guy to put his hands up and my gang members were pushing up on him and they all got randomly killed by this guy in a building.





To show he did it on purpose: 


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Thank you for your report.


 In the video you should have yelled the mans name you wanted to put your hands up.  when you yell over direct chat to put hands up without specifics you run the chance of this happening.  AS for the RDM in the end of the video you ended up shooting in the direction of both gunmen.  So you initiated on them.  


Case Closed

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