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GSN Gaming | Frequently Asked Questions

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GSN General FAQ

Hello there fellow gamers! Below we will have a fairly large FAQ. For those who don’t know, this stands for frequently asked questions. Listed will be a multitude of questions that we as a community get the most. The FAQ is aimed at answering your questions so you don’t have to hunt down someone to ask them. Sort of like a buffet….made up of beer...and words.

General Website Topics

  1. What is GSN?

    1. GSN is a multi-gaming community that focuses on a sense of community among its members.  If you would like to learn more about GSN and its history click here.

  2. How do I become a GSN Member?

    1. You can find all you need to know about GSN’s recruitment process in this thread. Please keep in mind that GSN is an invite only community. GSN is open to the public, and everyone is welcome - but to become a GSN member, you must be invited.

  3. What does GSN use for text/voice communication? 

    1.  GSN uses a program called Discord, and has it's own server. You can join this server
               by clicking the red 'Discord' button in the top right corner. If you want to learn how to get
               started using Discord, you can check out this video in this thread. 

  4. What happened to Teamspeak? And the shoutbox on the homepage? 

         1. GSN ditched Teamspeak and moved to discord. The shoutbox was also moved to discord.

  5. What servers do GSN host?

    1. An up-to-date list of the servers hosted by GSN can be found here.

  6. What do I do if a server I was playing on goes down?

    1. Most of the GSN servers reboot every now and again to maintain stability and performance, or to perform updates and patches. This process can take from a few seconds to several minutes.  Please wait to see if the server returns within 20 minutes.  If it does return after this time period feel free to post a "new support ticket" with the topic “Restart Request” and staff will be able to restart the server if it has crashed. Also watch for banners on the GSN homepage, and/or in the game specific forums, which keeps the community updated on server downtime and maintenance.


  7. How do I report bugs I’ve discovered in one of your servers?

    1. Put in a support ticket on the forum.

  8. Who do I contact if I feel a post or comment on the forum was made in bad taste or contains offensive content?

    1. There is a report button on the bottom left hand corner of every post on the forums. Report that post, and a notification will be send to all forum admins, which includes Advanced Members, Core/Head admins and Founding Members.

  9. I need to report another player. How do I do this?

    1. What do I need to know about Reporting a Player? Make sure to check out two very important threads, How To Report a Player and General Behavior and Etiquette in Report A Player Threads. Both have VERY good information and ensure a smooth process through reporting another player.  

    2. Okay, I’m ready to report a player.

      1. If you are forum member, create report in the Report a Player subforum if any of the options below apply:

        1. You are a forum member reporting another forum member. (Forum Members are non-ranking members of the GSN community, but members of the community forum.)

        2. You are reporting ANY ranked GSN member/staff member.

        3. You are a GSN member (Recruit, Basic, Advanced, Core. Head, Founder) and you are reporting a Forum Member.

      2. If you are a GSN member (Recruit, Basic, Advanced, Core. Head, Founder), and you are reporting another GSN member of any rank - this is handled internally, and NOT on the public forums. Please PM either the division admin regarding the issue, the HR Department, or any staff member (core/head admin).

    3. What if I need to PM an admin regarding a report? Remember, the only time a report a player should be a PM is if you are a GSN member reporting another GSN member. Please check to see if there is a Division Admin who can take care of your issue. We have Divison Admins for Conan, Website, Discord, etc. Please check the GSN phonebook to see which admin is best fit to discuss your issue. If there is no division admin, please send you issue to the HR Representative, or any other staff member.

  10. I have a problem that involves another member or admin of the website/community, but it is not a player report. Who can I talk to?

    1. Please locate the HR Department in the Phonebook for the appropriate person to contact for Human Resource Incident Reports. We have a primary contact for all incident reports, and that person is Nackers. However, if you are not comfortable speaking with him and would like to send your message elsewhere, you can. Please check the Phonebook for more contact information.

  11. How do I get unbanned from a GSN server?

    1. First, read General Behaviour & Etiquette in a "Dispute" Thread and How to dispute a ban to ensure a smooth process. After carefully reading these, start a new topic in the “Dispute a Ban” thread and await a response from the staff. Please refrain poking/messaging staff to examine your case. Remember, our volunteer staff of Admins deserve time off as well!

  12. If I am unhappy with how my ban was handled or the decision, who can I talk to?

    1. You can’t talk to anyone else. Staff members do not overturn other admins bans, so do not contact them to expecting to have your ban lifted. If you contact another admin about your ban, you will suffer the consequence on top of your current ban sentence.

  13. How long does it take to get a response on a support ticket?

    1. Normally, you will see a response to a support ticket within 24 hours. Please remember that we only have a limited amount of staff members dedicated to support tickets. We will get to your ticket as soon as we can!

  14. Who responds to support tickets?

    1. Only staff members can respond to support tickets. This includes core, head and founding members.

A very heartfelt thank you to Aryanix and Simon for their help building this FAQ. If you have any content that you feel would be beneficial to this FAQ, please send Nackers a PM.

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