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banned for rdm

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What server were you banned from? : gsngaming altis life
Who banned you?: Jayshuler
Why were you banned?: rdm
When were you banned?: 1 hour ago
What is your in-game name?: itzwp  

put last report as a comp my bad. and forgot player stuff. I was playing with my gang and we were up on caslte, I ended up going to the edge of caslte and looking down, 3 mins before our heli was crashed and we called for a medic. I then go to talk to these people over by town etc. after that I went back up and 3 guys got out of a hunter (truck) with guns aimed and someone in our teamspeak said they had got sent a message saying that they initiated. I even confirmed and asked and as they did bullets came at me so I started to shoot. I will be honest idk who shot because there were cops there but all I know is a bullet hit me then I started shooting. I was about to offer to comp and talk to an admin but rite when I did I got banned perm and I feel so bad for the guys. it was an honest mistake made by me and I take full responsibility. I was just about to get comp from an admin also because ur server glitched and I ended up loosing all my stuff and my two trucks. this is the first time something like this has ever happened and I promised it wouldn't ever again. I had been an active supporter on this server for a while now and hope to keep doing so. hope we can solve this mistake. I even have 9 witnesses​. Player ID: 76561198111387458 and In game name: [SF] Itzwp hoipefully you guys can help me thanks.​ apparently I shot 2 cops and thought they were rebels


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Thanks for putting in a ban dispute. The admin that banned you will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT:
  • Poke admins on Teamspeak to get unbanned.
  • Private message admins on the forums to get unbanned.
  • Post multiple ban disputes on the forums.
  • Whine about your ban in the shoutbox.
Failure to follow direction will result in a permanent website and game server ban. If your not sure why you are banned, look for your name in the ban reports.
(This was an automated message.)

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@JAYSHULER will be with you when he is available. Please read Banbot's message above and be patient.



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