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May I please get unbanned

disputing a ban

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What server were you banned from? : GSN Altis Life
Who banned you?: Admin
Why were you banned?: Racism
When were you banned?: Early 2015
What is your in-game name?: Augustus  

Look I am really sorry, I should have read all the rules of the server before i called people "my nigga". I just meant it as a term of endearment not trying to hurt anyone or put people down. All humans deserve the same respect as any other. My friends really want me to get un-banned because they miss playing with me so will you please remove my ban?


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Thanks for putting in a ban dispute. The admin that banned you will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT:
  • Poke admins on Teamspeak to get unbanned.
  • Private message admins on the forums to get unbanned.
  • Post multiple ban disputes on the forums.
  • Whine about your ban in the shoutbox.
Failure to follow direction will result in a permanent website and game server ban. If your not sure why you are banned, look for your name in the ban reports.
(This was an automated message.)


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Looks like M2THE49 banned you back in June.  Sit tight and he'll be with you as soon as he is available.



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