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How you make your jet do the BEST flyby

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So I was making a jet try hiting my head lol .And then I had the idea and I put this init line in a I'm going to tech you guys how to use it and play with it :D. So first off I'm using a F/a 18 "SuperHorent" You can use anything a car, helicopter, jet. Now I'm using a jet witch is best used so place one down then put a way point as move so you can see it going passed you or you can skip it and go player. So then double click on your jet then put this in the init line. 


So let me enplane the 20 at the top is the ALT aka the height. The 1000,1000,100 is the speed. You can edit this number make sure there the same. :D


this setPos [getPos this select 0,getpos this select 1,20];
this setVelocity [(vectorDir this select 0)*1000,(vectorDir this select 1)*1000,(vectorDir this select 2)*1000];



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its a simple turbo script. the max speed the engine can handle is about 34,000 km/h

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