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logo@2x.pngPART I
Founding Members These are the "founding members" of the clan. 'nuff said.
Core Members (Staff) Core members are mature and trusted members of the community. They have shown dedication and have worked for the betterment of the communiity and though not having explicit authority over other members they do deserve respect. They work closely with the Founding Members and discuss important topics and issues within the community. All Core Members have full admin status. Core Members also help decide which players are recruited into GSN.
Advanced Members These are the members, that have shown, they have gained the experience required to have full admin access to the servers. These members have also shown, that they are dedicated to the clan and will help out when necessary. Advanced Members all have admin access to the server type(s) that they frequent the most.

Basic Members These are the majority of our members. They have shown dedication to us and have earned respect in the community. These members have also shown that they are dedicated to the community and will help out when necessary in any way that they can. They do not carry admin on the servers.
Recruits Not yet in the clan but considering membership. This is your ticket into the clan. During recruitment phase you will be under observation. Some people handle wearing the tag in a mature fashion and thus become members fairly quickly. Others.. not so much. If you're in recruit status for more than a month...may be there's a problem.

Descending in rank order

[GSN]BadBadRobot - Server & Website Maintenance.
Name: Joshua S.
Age: 23
Country/State: USA/Michigan
SteamID: BadBadRobot
Games Played: HL, HL2, HL2TDM, CS:S, TF2, Portal, Portal 2, COD: MW, COD: MW2, COD: BO, BC2, Crysis, Crysis 2, Need For Speed, Peggle, and much much more. Over 100+ games on my steam account.
Favorite Game: Modern Warfare 2 because of the single player campaign. Gave me shivers and had me on the edge of my seat thru the whole game. (or the HL2 games)
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed white boy that grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I'm the oldest child. Hated school. Hate college. I liked making people laugh more then doing my homework. But I got a job in graphic arts right out of high-school. Soon after moved to web design and development and I love it and have continued to do it on a freelance basis full-time. Even tho I love the ladies and fast cars (my 02' ws6 trans am), I chose computer games over sports. I know how to play sports, but I don't know any players names. I'm married to a beautiful tiny Puerto Rican woman who is patient with me, takes care of me and lets me play video games. We got married 1 year and 8 months ago.
How you found GSN: I'm one of the founding members of GSN. Pig Benis, Stormborn, paladinZero and myself played MW2 quite a bit together. After black ops was announced I thought it would be great to get a server of your own. We were so sick of hackers and lag in MW2 and we were ready to take control. I started a group message in Facebook with the guys, and 300+ messages later, we got our first server, chose the clan name, built a website with forums, a chat room and we got started. Because of the rough launch of the PC version of the game, it was quite hard to start a server and keep it going. But along the way we met KitKat, MaleoX, TruEagle and so many other amazing people from around the world that we just instantly clicked with. Now GSN is almost 30+ members strong! We met a few pricks on the way *cough* renown/moose *cough* but I feel we really have some of the coolest people around and it makes me sad to think if GSN wasn't started, I never would of got to meet you guys. (group ***)
Arch GSN Rival: In blackops, it's cullen, bruffstar and pig benis. In bc2 it's famasa, rando or zarhu. I love you guys, but I hate you guys at the same time.




Name: Brian L.
Age: 29
Country/state: USA/Michigan
SteamID: paladinZero
OriginID: paladinZer0
Games Played: COD: WaW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2; BF4, dayZ, Arma 2 & 3, Counter-strike, Half-life 2, Portal, Portal 2, Starcraft 2, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Warcraft 3, Warcraft 2, WOW, Minecraft, Simcity 1-4, Age of Empires 1-2, Sims 1, Quake 3, and more...
Favorite Game: COD: Modern warfare 2  & Half life 2 + deathmatch for the great times /w multiplayer!
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I grew up in the suburbs north of Detroit.  Although I initially planned on getting into computers for a profession, I ended up in the fire protection industry.  I currently own a smaller business that allows me time to game!  Two of my passions in life are computers and cars, I would say.  I love the smell of new computer parts and the sound of a muscle car with a throaty V8 and supercharger whine.  I have been gaming since original Nintendo and I love the classic console games, especially Mario and Zelda.  I have also been playing computer games since I was young.  I played a lot of older RTS games like Warcraft 2 and Age of Empires.  I still remember playing a lot of AoE with friends over 56K direct modem connections and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.
How you found GSN: Anyone that has been here for awhile knows I wasn't here for the beginnings of GSN.  I was involved in the initial talking and planning of the community but life kind of got in the way.  At the time, I had a job working for a company that required working lots of hours.  I took a break from computer gaming for a few years.  These days my schedule is a lot better and I am healthier.  I am grateful that I was warmly welcomed back, and I am glad I got to meet all you great people!
Arch GSN Rival: Hmmm... in HL2: Deathmatch it would be BadBadRobot and his stupid noob tubing!

[GSN]Stormborn - Head Sexy Beast
Name: Eric
Age: 34
Country: USA
SteamID: Stormborn
Games Played: HL, HL:TDM, CS, CS:Source, HL2, TF2, BF1942, BF2, BF2142, BC2, BF3, CoD (All of em), Diablo2, Diablo3, 100+ games in Steam, too many to list.
Favorite Game: CS:GO right now because of nostalgia. It's really a great game if you like CS 1.6, which was previously the last best CS game. I also like BF3.
How you found GSN: BadRobot, paladinzerO, Pig Benis and I were playing a lot of LAN parties and CoD:MW2 and then Black Ops together. When we were looking to get a dedicated Black Ops server, we met some cool guys who were also playing Black Ops a lot and went together to form GSN, buying the first server on Black Ops and then it went from there. I have a lot of responsibilities outside of gaming that take a lot more of my time and so I don't have as much involvement as I would maybe like. However, I will always serve as admin and assist in any way I can, especially since my play time is at a different time of day than most people are online. (Mid-day during the week)
Arch-GSN rival: None really, though I especially love taking out BadRobot, Pig Benis, Bruffstar and Thunder when playing against them. I don't worry about K:D ratio, I just love to rush and mess things up haha.
[GSN]1manklan - offline, RIP
* November 22nd, 1974
† June 25th, 2014

Name: Cain
Age: 39
Country/state: USA / ME
SteamID: 1 man klan
Games Played: BFBC2, L4D2, L4D, MW1 & 2, Bops, Killing Floor
Favorite Game: BFBC2
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I've been playing FPS's online for about 6 years. When I'm not killing people in the game I'm currently enrolled in college studying computer technology.
How you found GSN: I found the 3000 ticket Heavy Metal Server while searching for a server that I could get higher scores on. I've logged many hours on the server.
Arch GSN Rival: Famasa and his pea shooter

Name: Cullen
Age: 20
Country/state: USA, New Mexico
SteamID: (add me with my email) stuge223@gmail.com
Games Played: CS1.6,CSS,SC, SC2, TF2,FEAR,Cod1,cod2,cod4,MW2,CodBO,BF2142,BFBC2, Homefront (and many more lol)
Favorite Game: Cod4
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Well I´m a pretty simple guy graduated high school in 2008 went to collage for a bit but like a few people here parents split and had to drop out to help the family. I have recently got my feet back under me and I am currently working as tech support for directv. I have been competing in some form of gaming since I was around 13 years old so needless to say I have a little experience. I am always willing to help others get better at video games, you just gotta ask. Just taking each day one at a time and enjoying life.
How you found GSN: Well I was browsing my server list one day and I happened to join the GSN TDM server. At the time it was a small 12 person server and was very enjoyable to play in. Badbadrobot noticed me playing there often and added me to his friends list. Soon after I was having a really good day in Black ops and managed to go 17-0 before dying in one game then immediately after go 36-0 on the next map. This raised eyebrows for the GSN members who did not know me. Pig Benis attempted to spectate me but was constantly kicked due to what he thought was me hacking when in all reality it was inactivity kicking him lol. So after a small post on the forums and talking to Badbadrobot I was unbanned and started to come in team-speak and well the rest is history!
Arch GSN Rival: I would have to say anyone who uses ninja or stuns hehe
I would have to say Badbadrobot.




Name: emttim (Timothy)
Age: 29
Country/state: California, USofA
SteamID: emttim
OriginID: emttim
Games Played: Battlefield Bad Company 2, BF3, BF4; Minecraft; Skyrim; Half Life 2; Modern Warfare;
Favorite Game: Battlefield franchise
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I live in a small town at the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. I am a Paramedic (thus the EMT in my name) and worked on an ambulance until I injured my back and went back to school. While getting a degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, I have written and helped compile emergency plans for the county. I also am a Seargent with the local police department's volunteers.

In the gaming world, I enjoy playing both FPS and RPG game modes. I enjoy tweaking my computer and seeing the difference in game. Though I enjoy playing alone, I truly enjoy getting on with some people and teaming up.
How you found GSN: The BFBC2 server!
Arch GSN Rival: time will tell......



Name: Wesley
Age: 20
Country/state: USA, New Jersey
SteamID: phantomtrilogy3@yahoo.com
Games Played: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike: Source
Favorite Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
How you found GSN: Heavy Metal 1500 ticket server. Bought VIP, hopped on TS, and then got made fun of for small penis.
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: To make things short, I am one of those kinds of people that was always able to talk to anyone, from the geeks to the jocks, I had my spot everywhere and always helped when I could. I know when to be funny, when to be serious, and when to smack someone across the face. Almost all of my friends come to me for help because I know how to handle situations with a clear mind. I am also a great FPS player. Grew up with Counter-Strike 1.5 and now into Battlefield 3, I really kick some ass... without hacks! Oh, and I'm Asian.
Arch GSN Rival: 1manklan because he makes fun of me


[GSN]Nackers - The Drinking Gamer.

Name: Nicholas S

Age: 23

Country/State: USA/Michigan

SteamID: MadisonBliss (don´t ask)

Games Played: Boarderlands, HL2, HL2 Deathmatch, Elder Scrolls Games, TF2, COD: MW, Crysis, Crysis 2, StarCraft, Age of Empires, Grand Theft Autos, Left for Dead, Lost Planet, Oddworld : Abes Oddysee, Payday, Sniper Elite, Star Wars Games, Splinter Cell´s, etc.

Favorite Game: You´re really going to make me choose a single favorite game? I´m going to have to say Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1. I´ve never felt so immersed into a campaign. Seriously captured every part of me. Runner up is Elder Scrolls : Oblivion.

Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I´m an extremely loud and goofy geek from Metro Detroit, Michigan - and I love beer and video games. I love technology and everything about it. I grew up playing Nintendo consoles and moved to PC when I bought a compact gaming computer off my friend for $150 when I was a sophomore in high school. I had played PC games before like Starcraft, Runescape and Age of Empires on my dads computers, but after seeing my brother playing Half Life 2 on his giant gaming rig he bought off PaladinZero - I knew it was something I wanted to dive into. That got me into computers. In college I took three years of graphic design before realizing that it was not what I wanted to do with my life. I then took another year of photography classes and realized I didn't want to do that either. Then one day a friend asked if I could help out his aunt with computers at an elementary school she managed. I said yes, and now I´m a Network and IT Administrator for a small charter school district doing work for 3 K-8 schools. I have 1 networking college course under my belt and learning as I go, but I love my job and I´ve found my career. I love handy man stuff as well and have built LED beer pong tables and custom console enclosures and LED clothing and such - so I enjoy that stuff in my free time as well.

How you found GSN: My brother Josh (aka BadBadRobot) had been talking about this gaming community he and his friends started for a long while. I had not been playing PC games as much, but decided to join up and I started playing a lot more regularly because there were so many awesome people to play with. I love it here and will never go anywhere else.

Arch GSN Rival: Paronity. Every time I do something he comes around and does it better. It makes me think twice and try harder though with everything I do, so he´s definitely someone I look up to. And Gurthy when we play Chivalry.

Name: Mike
Age: 25
Country/state: USA / West Virginia
SteamID: Paronity
Games Played: BF BCII, Black Ops, BF3, CoD4, CoD MW2
Favorite Game: Right now, Black Ops
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I am a 25 yr's old and married. No kids of my own, but I am a foster parent of 4 (4, 5, 6, and 10 yr olds). I also have two dogs, a cat, and god knows how many fish. I am a Software/Support Engineer for a company called Vivisimo that is based in Pittsburgh PA. I have a wide range of skills when it comes to IT as I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and a sysadmin for several CentOS servers that I control.
How you found GSN: I was always looking for a good S&D server to go to as they are hard to come by. There are several out there but they are frequented by stupid/annoying people. I happened to be in the server one night when just Robot was in TeamSpeak. We got to bull shitting for a bit and I seemed to fit in well with everyone here.

Arch GSN Rival: n/a


Name: Lutz
Age: 44
Country/state: Germany, Hannover, Capital of Lower Saxony
SteamID: GodOfThunder70

OriginID: GoT70
Games Played: started with a Commodore 64, several Nintendos and SEGAs, later on Sony PS: Gran Turismo series, Metal Gear Solid series, all the Resident Evil stuff, Crash Bandicoot series and CoD MW1
began PC-Gaming with Age Of Empires, Silent Hill 4 and Doom III, started in Dec 2010 with BlOps and BFBC 2

Favorite Game: at the moment theHunter, still BFBC2
Paragraph Biography About Yourself:
born April, 26th 1970
finished school 1989
served in the german army for two years until 1992
was for long time parquet recliner until my health ended the career
at the moment: out of order, helping the lady with her business

How you found GSN: Dec, 2nd 2010 I started with BlOps, I was searching for servers, that are full all the time. Found our Euro-Servers, tried out the US-Servers, entered TS, had so much fun and applied for membership.
It ran really fast, but it was one of my best decisions in a while !
to be continued ...

Arch GSN Rival: none, but I love hackers and racists


Name: Robert
Age: 68
Country/state: U.S.A. / Tennessee
SteamID: Coyote
OriginID: Coyote1946
Games Played: Just a few – HL, CS, MW2, FarCry, BF3, BF4 – many others I lost track of.
Favorite Game: Battle Field 3/4
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area joined the US Air Force in 1964 served four years with one tour of duty in Vietnam 66-67, served
as a F4C crew chief. Retired from US Postal Service worked as electronics technician and repaired mail processing equipment. Married 42 years to first wife who suddenly died in 2010. Now happily married to second wife. I have two daughters, three granddaughters and one great granddaughter.
How you found GSN: I started playing BF3 on GSN servers and team speak made many friends. Some of them are: l33thal, Special Ed, Col Troutman, and 1manklan, to name a few. Lots of good memories on BF3, I remember 1manklan who took great pleasure in taking my tags or using C4 on my tank.
Arch GSN Rival: None yet.



Name: Jarle Ose
Age: 28
Country/State: Norway
SteamID: jarleeve or DonDiablo
Games Played: bf bc2,black ops,l4d,killingfloor,mw2, and much much more. Over 150+ games on my steam account.
Favorite Game: bf bc2
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: well i am a 28 year old living all by myself in a small village,got my own house and work at a sawmill,i started pc gaming after i came back from the army in 2005 and back then it was mostly cs:s and have been in 2 clans and been admin a long time,i also travel to the uk to go to lan festival and have good time with the gamers ive meet through the years and that is always fun

How you found GSN: Dand i am so happy that i at one point joined your bc2 1500 server randomly, cos this has a big great family of gamers and everyone get on great
Arch GSN Rival: i need more of twitchs tags he is going to be nr 1 on my knifelist just coz he wears dodgy shades XD


Name: Jeff
Age: 26
Country/state: US/ Pennsylvania
SteamID: special ed
Games Played: bfbc2,COD black ops, all of them at least once
Favorite Game: bfbc2
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I work as a heavy machine operator for a small local company. I also have a wife and a 2 year old son. On my free time I game it up on GSN or work around the house. I live in the Poconos of Pennsylvania so there is plenty of time for fishing and hunting also. I run my own business Garsky's landscaping & Tree Service Inc. on top of my full time job so life is hectic. My main goal in life is to be happy and provide for my wife and son.
How you found GSN: I found GSN one day playing on heavy metal. MaleoX Had sent me a friend request via steam. One i found out all of you guys were on ts3 that was the begining of me and GSN.
Arch GSN Rival: Famasa,Zarhu (Great Snipers)

go for Part II

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logo@2x.pngPart II



Name: Courtney

Age: 28

Country/state: Canada/Saskatchewan

SteamID: aryanix

OriginID: Aryanix

Games Played: BO, BO2, BF3, BF4, BL2, L4D2, DayZ, Arma3, and well just check my steam

Favorite Game: I don't really have a favorite

Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I live in Canada with my husband and two dogs.  Currently I am working on my Ph.D. in university.  I enjoy gaming, squash (the sport not the food), golf, and dog agility.  I started gaming about 6 years ago on the original Halo.  Games I tend to enjoy more are FPS and MMOs.  My favorite series is probably Final Fantasy.

How you found GSN: I originally came across GSN when my old clan started to use the Paronicon software to run our Black Ops server.  Paronity was so great and from there met BadBadRobot.  Every GSN member I've met since then has been awesome.

Arch GSN Rival: All the boys




Name: Austin M.

Age: 19

Country/state: OH, U.S
Games Played: BF3,COD, Dead Space 1-3, Crysis, Far cry, Fallout, Skyrim, Bioshock, Minecraft, Portal, Saints row< Left For Dead, Mass Effect, Civ 5 

Favorite Game: Multi: Battlefield  Single: Fallout
Paragraph Biograph About Yourself: Grew up in a small town in Michigan. Played sports and was barley inside until my freshman year of high school. Tore my knee up in a wrestling match and its never been the same. I started to game on X box 360 but my senior with the help of some friends I made my own gaming PC. Now I work full time at a tool and die shop and working on getting into the air force in the next year or two. 
How you found GSN: I found your GSN #1 conquest server on BF3. And since none of my friends had it i figured i look into GSN and signed up for the website.
Arch GSN Rival: xxL33thalxx & M249-M4A1 (sucks to face them)




Name: Brandon Drew
Age: 24
Country/state: Kingston, Ontario
SteamID: Devils_knight88
OriginID: Devils_knight88
Games Played: bo2,hawken,bf2,bf3, cs. cs source ,vindictus ,
Favorite Game: Anything fps
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: well i live in Kingston Ont i got 3 children 2 step children and 1 of mine own, spend what time i can with them or gaming. my lovely wife allows me to game all the time we have been together 4 years .I'm a true Canadian i use the eh a lot and all the other expected words lol love my beer, bacon and maple syurp .. i haven't been gaming for very long on computer made my way from ps3 and found this wonderful place anything else feel free to ask
How you found GSN: A friend (Canzara) showed me the site because of the raffle once i sign up and started talking i just never left..having to much FUN!!
Arch GSN Rival: NO one yet




Name: Kyle
Age: 21
Country/state: Detroit, Michigan
SteamID: kylemsd
Games Played: DayZ, Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed series, GTA IV, L4D2
Favorite Game: Can't really pick just one...depends on my mood
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I run a website called Metro Scene Detroit that covers the music scene in and around Detroit. I work at an IT Service Desk call center type thing...Starting PC gaming in August of 2012 once I sold my **** and haven't turned back since.
How you found GSN: Went to high school with Nackers, and he told me about this place.
Arch GSN Rival: Havok...cause of Jason Mraz...



Name: Jacob Thomas 

Age: 19 
Country/state: USA, California
SteamID: purplebox24
OriginID: heyhowsitgoing17
Games Played: World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike (original, 1.6, condition zero, source, global offensive), Call of Duty (all of them), Rift, Dragon's Prophet, Firefall, League of Legends, Warcraft (2, 3, and frozen throne), Starcraft (1 and 2, and HoTS), Battlefield 2 Bad Company, Maplestory, Rose Online, Knight Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Portal (1 and 2), Crisis 2, Bastion, Supreme Commander 2, Star Citizen, World of Tanks, Mass Effect (1,2,3), Arctic Combat, Team Fortress 2, Command and Conquer (all of them), Dota 2, Starcraft Universe, Sins of a Solar Empire (all), Skyrim, Diablo (2, expo, and 3), and Killing Floor.
Favorite Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I've been in the gaming community for practically all my life. Growing up with a dad who is an IT Manager, computers were always around me. I also have two older brothers, who no doubt influenced my time spent at my computer. I am FPS Gamer at heart, and that goes back to Call of Duty 1, and Counter Strike. Since then I have played every counter strike, every Call of Duty, and almost all of them competitive in some way. Being male, I think it's natural to be competitive but when it comes to FPS Gaming, I always put on my try-hard pants. I am currently a Bible College Student getting my Degree in Biblical Studies to become a pastor. I do part time work on the side, teaching, preaching, playing, and coaching soccer and guitar. I am a man who loves communication as it goes hand in hand with teamwork.

How you found GSN: Competitive Black Ops 2 via Cullen
Arch GSN Rival: Avid for sure


Name: Ingmar
Age: 41

Country/state: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
SteamID: ingemeissel
OriginID: IngeMeiSSel
Games Played: All of the Battlefield series so far, including Bad Company on PS3; Some of the COD-series beginning with Modern Warfare; Some of the Need For Speed series; Portal; Far Cry 2; Doom on DOS and Windows; Duke Nukem on DOS and windows
Favorite Game: BF3 (until fall - then it will obviously be BF4)
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Started my career as a gamer on my first PC, a DX466 with an amazing 30MB hdd and when in Germany nobody even thought about networkgaming we played our first sessions running novell netware on DOS yellin like hell at 5 in the morning "I killed the final boss" so that everybody else in the house woke up, calling the police for a suspected murder around...

After taking my A levels I spent 5 years in the German Navy - 2 years as a radio-operator and three years as a flying officer. When my flight instructor grounded me I decided to study sports and English literature to become a teacher - but 7 lumbar disc herniations grounded me from that profession. So I went on as a communications-trainer in a call-center in full time, which I allready did as part-time during my studies. Even took some time as a parquet layer together with my brother thunder during the studies.

The year 2011 was an asshole: my company sacked me for budget cuts and as a reward I tore my achilles apart 4 days prior to X-mas - but fortunately, having lots of time then, I first came into contact with this communty.

In 2012 I applied for job totally different from everything I ever did before but now I'm working as a networkadmin and systemintegrator for a company producing and distributing medical devices.

Finally I moved to the beloved Lensahn (probably the most boring village in the world) in May this year (after one year of shutteling the 60 km between my homebay Kiel and Lensahn) wich now gives me the advantage of some leisure time again - and thats why I'm here
How you found GSN: by another brother: Thunder
Arch GSN Rival: ???




Name: JollyGG

Age: 24
Country/state: USA/Iowa
SteamID: iamtheejollygg
OriginID: JollyGG
Games Played: BF3, BFBC2, Minecraft, Killing Floor, Chivalry, World of Tanks..and many more!
Favorite Game: Minecraft
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I am a 6' 10" giant whom loves the color green, hence the name JollyGG (Jolly Green Giant). I love gaming, and currently dabble in Graphic Design, Flash Animation, Video Rednering, and I'm wanting to learn more about 3D Animation.
How you found GSN: A good friend of mine, Squishy, brought me to the GSN BFBC2 Harvest Day server and played there a long while before coming to the website and eventually Teamspeak   :)
Arch GSN Rival: Nimbus...not sure why, but it seems so! xD




Name: J.R.
Age: 33
Country/state: U.S.A./ Michigan
SteamID: [GSN] Judge_Payne
OriginID: Judge_Payne
Games Played: DOOM 3, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2112, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Command and Conquer Series (1-4, Red Alert), Civilization 4 & 5, Borderlands 2, the Mass Effect Series (1-3), Dead Space 1 & 2, Max Payne, Half-Life 1 & 2, Deux Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, COD: Modern Warfare (1 & 2), and others...
Favorite Game: Battlefield 3

Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Michigan, born and raised. Attended college, where I got a degree in Laboratory Science, but decided that wasn't the path I would take. Currently working (and loving it) as a science teacher, looking forwards to some possibilities within Education.
How you found GSN: First got Battlefield 3 on Launch (October 2011) and found a random group to play with. Eventually, our group found the GSN servers, and while they were douches and got themselves banned, I helped out the GSN clan members and stuck around.
Arch GSN Rival: The enemy team...and Special Ed.



go for Part III

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logo@2x.pngPart III








Name: Charlie
Age: 38
Country/state: USA/Florida
SteamID: saleencb
Games Played: MW2, CODBO, BFBC2, Delta Force Series, Left4Dead Series, Killing Floor, Portal, Eve, The Realm Online, Crysis Series, anything Star Wars (Yes I am a Star Wars geek), Second Life, Far Cry 2, Assasin's Creed, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, several PS3 games, and many more
Favorite Game: Probably CODBO but I am really enjoying what I have played of Portal so far.
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I live in North Central Florida with my wife and children and am in the medical field. I am a registered nurse by profession and a nursing director at Shands Hospital and the University of Florida. As a brand new nurse I worked in an ER, which was crazy but a lot of fun. I transferred up to Shands, after a year in the ER, and was hired as a procedural nurse within Visceral and Neurological Interventional Radiology. Luckily over the last few years, I impressed my directors and was promoted several times to become a director myself. Prior to the medical field, I was a law enforcement officer for seven years with my local sheriff's department. While I did enjoy being a deputy, the internal politics became a bit overwhelming and I just got tired of the bullshit. I decided to go into medicine as I had been around it forever due to my father being an ER physician/trauma specialist. I am currently in pursuit of a Graduate Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner with a sub-speciality in Emergency Medicine. Upon completing the degree, I plan on working in an ER for about a year to gain more experience, then I would like to open my own clinic. I have been gaming on PC's since I can remember. My first love was the Commodore 64 with a game called Gunship. Over the years I have played multiple FPS and MMO's and continue to enjoy gaming as a leisurely past time.
How you found GSN: Before finding GSN, I would browse around several different servers. Upon finding the GSN servers, I enjoyed the fact that they didn't allow Second Chance and that admins were on as much as possible. I enjoyed playing with the members and the regulars on the servers and the rest is history.
Arch GSN Rival: BadBadRobot, Cullen, Black_Bull3t, Bruffstar



[GSN] VidiVidiVidi

Name: Jake Folie
Age: 23
Country/state: USA, California
Games Played: BF3, Black Ops 2, Natural Selection 2, Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, DayZ, HL2 DM, League of Legends, Monster Hunter 3U (Wii U), and many others

Favorite Game: BF3, Monster Hunter 3U, The Fallout Series, Metro 2033, Bioshock Series, The Portals, KoTOR,
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Born and raised in Cali about 2 hours east of San Francisco. Been playing games since I was in the womb. Not really joking there, my mother says I would start kicking when she would sit down and play Zelda unless she kept the sound down. Got the name Vidi from her. Just a shortened version of vidiot, which she called my brother and I when we played games. Graduated from consoles back in 2005 when I built my first computer, but I still keep them around. Fun fact, my last name, Folie, translates from French into madness in English.
How you found GSN: Met Cullen though a mutual friend. Started playing games with him and eventually found my way into the GSN teamspeak and website from there.

Arch GSN Rival: Cullen when he finds his way onto the other team. Myself when I'm trying something that isn't going to work.



go for Part IV

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logo@2x.pngPart IV





Name: Adam G.

Age: 28

Country/state: USA/Washington

SteamID: [GSN] CapN

OriginID: Zf1Capn

Games Played: Arma 2 & 3, Battlefield Series, DayZ, Fallout Series, Counter-Strike

Favorite Game: Toss up of Skyrim / Fallout 3

Paragraph Biography About Yourself: PC gaming never peaked my interest until a little game called half-life was released and BOOM life changed, My friends and I were blown away in this epic new world of what PC multiplayer was capable of, then a little mod came out called counterstrike long before the retail stand alone release of counter strike v7 (Hell the Deagle zoomed!) my brother and his friends would have massive 20-40 people LAN parties I was hooked, Forever a PC gamer DEATH to consoles! Outside of Gaming I work in construction (Commercial Concrete Supplier) I am Married, No kids, 3 dogs (which I am sure some of you have heard in the background), I love Cars, Guns, and Motorcycles. Thats pretty much me in a nutshell!

How you found GSN:  [GSN] Wamprat introduced me to the forums and the servers showed me the ropes in KOTH and Teamspeak

Arch GSN Rival: 03 Termi , Hacks for days....



Name: Andrew Golden
Age: 22
Country/state: USA/Tennessee
SteamID: Foeownege
Games Played: i have played pretty much any shooter, WoW,
Favorite Game: Arma 3
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I have been married for 3 years and have 2 little girls ages 3 and 1. I have played video games since i was 6 and have never stopped since. Currently I work for a truck company and have been at this job almost 2 year. I am going to school online to earn my degree in Information Technology Management to be the next Paronity 2.0:)
How you found GSN: My friend and fellow admin Insomniac showed me the server and the community and i fell in love with the great spirited people.
Arch GSN Rival: O he knows who he is




Name: Nicholas Van Kesteren
Age: 24
Country/State/Province: British Columbia, Canada
SteamID: NickKest
OriginID: NickKest
Games Played: DayZ SA/Mod, BF4, ArmA 2, ArmA 3, Insurgency, Minecraft, CS:GO, Walking Dead Season 1/2.
Favorite Game: DayZ, Arma 2/3, BF4
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I was originally a console player since Playstation 1 up to Playstation 3. My dad was a computer tech for Future Shop and Best Buy and I learned a little from him about computers and from that I've really been getting into learning new things and trying to see what I can and cannot do. I'm a pretty easy-going and I hardly take things seriously so it makes it easy to poke fun. I have also lived in a small town where everybody literally knows everybody.
How you found GSN: I found GSN though it's Altis Life server and met a lot of the GSN members but it was Turbod0g who originally got me seriously interested.
Arch GSN Rival: No one currently, but we shall see.





Name: Antonio R.
Age: 20
Country/state: USA, Washington
SteamID: Kherune
OriginID: N/A
Games Played: Arma3 (mainly), lots of indie games, WoW
Favorite Game: Arma3
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Scrawny blonde white boy, born and raised in Washington, no siblings. Hated most of the school years and don't plan on any college at the moment. Dont care too much for sports, though I don't object to going out and playing some football with friends, you wont see me sitting down watching the game, I'd much rather be sniping people down in Arma.
How you found GSN: Stumbled upon the GSN Altis life and fell in love. Loved the community, loved the server, loved the admins and decided to stick around.
Arch GSN Rival: Stickytubesock for sure, one of the best shots I've met in a long time and I always want to one up him.




Name: Brittany
Age: 19
Country/state: USA/California
SteamID: MsKoda
OriginID: MsKoda
Games Played: Arma 2/3, DayZ Mod/SA, BFBC2, BF3, BF4, CoD (Most of them) LoL, Dota 2, HoN, Smite, WoW, GW2, SWTOR, Rift, Elderscrolls (Skyrim and ESO) CS:GO, PayDay2, Starcraft 1/2 etc etc
Favorite Game: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: I am 5'3" 100 pounds of whoop ass. As far as ethnicity I am practically many things mushed together. I LOVE video games and I will play almost any game (besides horror games) At the moment I don't do much other than play video games but trust me, I'm not complaining
How you found GSN: I've had Arma 3 for awhile and started playing it a lot back in March, a friend of mine named Blackburn bugged me since this server started to check out Altis Life. June 30th was the first time I hopped onto GSN's Altis server and I immediately fell in love (playing on the server for over 24 hours straight if I remember correctly!) After that the rest is history
Arch GSN Rival: I would have to say Dilpickle1 for taking my tags three times in one match on BF4. (I will be avenged!)




Name: Drew
Age: 20
Country/state: USA, Kentucky
SteamID: mdude2312
OriginID: N/A
Games Played: ArmA 2: DayZ, ArmA 3: Wasteland/Altis Life/KOTH, Battlefield 4... 100's of games.
Favorite Game: Altis Life!
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: Not much interesting about me. I'm studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Louisville. I really don't care much for sports... every time I say that along with the fact that I attend UofL, everyone looks at me like I'm crazy! I played snare in the drumline for one of the top 5 high school drumlines in the state, and considered drum corps before I realized that school was going to take way too much of my time to even consider drum corps. I love everything there is to love about computers, as I pretty much live on mine.
How you found GSN: Played pub cop on the Altis Life server because I loved the idea of RPing a cop. Absolutely loved it, and have been here ever since.
Arch GSN Rival: jameshuler! He plays ZeusRTS with me all the time and ends up kicking my ass in the long run.



Name: Ryan R.
Age: 40
Country/state: Illinois
SteamID: Modoc911
OriginID: Modoc911
Games Played: ArmA 2/3, BF4, Chivalry, Crusader Kings 2, Pay Day 2, Insurgency, All but online of Elderscrolls series, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Fallouts, so many others....
Favorite Game: I would have a split the Ultima series 1-7 and the 3 bards tales.. ohh and gold box games/ is it possible to have a single favorite?
Paragraph Biography About Yourself: OK, so I'm happily married with 3 kids. I work for a Sheriff's Dept doing Dispatch/Corrections. I am a Army Vet, I've worked in the telecom field at a NOC and as a cell tower tech, worked at a plastics factory and a grain mill, farmed, done construction, gunsmithing, auto repair, sales, tech support for a college, senior it manager for a large/small area eye care group, bouncer at a bar, self defence instructor, and so many more jobs I have a hard time remebering all of them. I am one of the very few "jack of all trades" people I have met that can really do just about anything. I've played games since 1979 and haven't stopped playing since then. My favorites are RPG's and FPS. I also like old cars and guns.....
How you found GSN: I found GSN as soon as I bought Arma 3 on the sale they had in May, I clicked an altis server as soon as the game finished installing and it reset 5 minutes later. I then clicked what I thought was the same server, but it turned out to be GSN and I haven't looked back since then.....
Arch GSN Rival: The only rival I currently have in GSN is Time... one day it may be one of the GSN members, but for now it is not....




Name: Sam Howell
Age: 25
Country/state: Maryland, USA
SteamID: SaltySam918
OriginID: SaltySam918
Games Played: Arma II&III, DayzSA, PayDay2, Age Of Empires
Favorite Game: Currently, Altis Life Mod of Arma III
Paragraph Biography About Yourself:
Grew up in southern MD about 45 mins. outside of Washington, D.C.. Currently working at a power plant turning valves and making sure things aren't exploding on a daily basis. No kids running around yet. Have been gaming since NES and haven't looked back. Decided to get back into PC gaming because of the advantages of high end graphics and online gameplay.
How you found GSN: Surfing server lists in Altis Life
Arch GSN Rival: Haven't found one yet, but I'll work on it



This concludes the biography page for GSN! If you are not in here, please private message Thunder a completed form (just copy and paste the form down in next post) and he will add you to this biography page.

Hope you all enjoy finding out about GSN members.

Edit: This thread is an idea of BlackBull3t.

Thank you, BlackBull3t

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Hey, members and recruits!

Lots of you are still missing in our biography page.
I spent hours to create and update this, so please take a few minutes to fill the form (copy and paste) and private message me.
I will add you to this thread!


Games Played:
Favorite Game:
Paragraph Biography About Yourself:
How you found GSN:
Arch GSN Rival:


PS: NEVER, really NEVER, change anything on your own !
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