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ARK Survival: Server Rules & Guidelines

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Here are the rules and guidelines for the Ark: Survival Evolved server(s).


This game is in Alpha - First and foremost, you need to remember this game is in Alpha Early Access. This means that at any point, glitches can happen, things can go wrong. That is, unfortunately, the risk of playing an early access game.


Nothing is Yours - This game is Ark Survival. The point of the game is to survive.  The game is set up to test you and your base against the elements, and sometimes you may get overwhelmed and die. You can't protect everything you've built, and at any point it can be taken away.


Don't be a dick - This is a blanket rule of GSN, but don't be a dick. This is a public server, so there will always be trolls. When you see them, report them and they will be dealt with promptly. 


No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination - You're better than this. And if you're not, you're gone. Period. 


Base Raiding - Base raiding is not allowed under any circumstances. With the server being PvE only, the human element needs to be removed. Do not go into someone's house and steal from their fabricator, smithy, bookshelf, forges, gardens, etc. Do not lead alphas, gigas, or other dinosaurs to someone's base so they will demolish it. This will get you removed from the server permanently. However, this does not include bases that have become "demolish allowed" or dinosaurs that have become claimable because the player(s) have been offline too long. Any base that is "demolish allowed" or dinosaur that is claimable is fair game to everyone.


Respect Boundaries - Utilize the Tribe system. The tribe admins have a lot of control over what gets shared/owned by the tribe and what gets owned by the player. Make sure you understand what goes where when joining a tribe. If things are privately owned, remember that not everyone wants to share everything. They may work hard to gather the supplies for enough Narcotics to kill a third world country, and don't feel like sharing. That's their prerogative, and respect that.


If you want to build near another player or tribe, ask them first. The original party will always have priority over the space around them, within reason. Both parties should try to be reasonable. We have a limited space on the ARK, but enough space that we don't need to bump up against each other. Since we can't specify distances in the game, if one party feels the other is being unfair, it will fall to the discretion of an ark admin who will hold veto power over the decision.


Building Restrictions - No blocking resources on either map with buildings. I.E. do not build in the bottom of the volcano on TheIsland and block metal/ crystal spawns. There's plenty of room along the rim for buildings.


Compensation Requests - We have a strict NO COMPENSATION policy. Because this game is in Alpha, there are a lot of glitches and bugs that will happen that may result in your loss of gear or dinosaurs. Also, trust your tribe members; you won't be compensated if someone kills all of your dinosaurs and throws away all your gear, or steals everything and leaves the tribe.


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to SaltySam or Coyote. There's not a whole lot that can be done from the back end, but with each update comes better features for Admins, so I will do the best I can to answer any questions you may have.

Edited by SaltySam, October 11, 2016.
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