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scope on regular weapons

gta:v scopes first person shooting noobtastic gsn gaming no noobs allowed filthy casuals all over

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    Just so everyone knows, you can actually use your scope on regular rifles and smg's etc.  A lot of people just assume the scopes only give you a stat boost, but if you're a true gamer then you'll know that they don't give you an actual scope on the weapon if you can't really use it.  Using keyboard, pull your weapon out that you want to use (that has a scope on it).  Go into first person camera mode and hold right click so you are aiming....WHILE YOU ARE AIMING, MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL UP and it will take you to the RDS scoped in.  


    Every forum I have seen says you can't use scopes blah blah, they don't take the time to actually investigate the situation.  Also, they all lock their threads before a real gamer can actually post the TRUTH for them.  Anyways, I do not know what the CONTROLLER commands are but that's only bc im not a filthy casual, Keyboard/mouse is the ONLY way to play PC games (unless its a racing game).  Anyways, hope this helps at least some of you out there.




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On the consoles it was an option in the menus where you had to select either or... glad you found this out Miatch cuz I was wondering. 


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I'm surprised people don't know this...Everyone is forced to replay the prologue regardless of whether or not they're transferring their character from a previous console......and during the prologue it explains how to aim down the sights.



Guess I'm the one of the few who paid attention to the instructions teaching me of the new controls...

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