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GSN Administrative Announcement

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Hello community members.


I am bringing to you an announcement today that we feel will help alleviate a lot of the administrative issues that some of you have seen and been facing. We feel the core of these issues has been “too many sticks in the fire”. Too many people are trying to weigh in on situations and that causes tension, even within a group of the best of friends.


After many discussions and meetings, we (the Core / Head / Founding members) have decided that the answer is to create a new group on our forums. This group is called the Basic Member.


A Basic Member is essentially an Advanced Member without admin powers. This is now where the majority of our community members will live. These people will still able to assist in report a players, some TeamSpeak admining, and ban disputes. Additionally, they will still be able to guide and assist any community member should they needed it. In fact, they are to be considered no different than an Advanced Member.


We are hoping that by reducing our admin populus, that we reduce the amount of clerical and human errors that we are seeing on a day to day basis.


We are hoping that this will ensure that each and every one of you have a truly amazing experience on ALL GSN soil, whether it be our TeamSpeak server, game servers, or our forums. We want you to have a gaming place that you can call home and we want you to feel welcome at all times.


Current Running Admin List (as of this post):


--== King of the Hill ==--

  1. @CapN

  2. @WampRat

  3. @JackDee

  4. @Chancey_19

  5. @witbox

  6. @Col Troutman*

  7. @Silent Operator 6*

  8. @Poppy*

  9. @Coyote*

  10. @Iceman*

  11. @Nimbus*

  12. <All Core/Head/Founding>

--== Altis Life ==--

  1. @GooNie (Ben Wade)

  2. @Bill

  3. @deathview_games

  4. @Gewchie

  5. @ HacksawJack

  6. @InfernalRage


  8. @Koda

  9. @RisingRonin

  10. @Ronduth

  11. @TacticalSandals

  12. @Majorpain762
  13. @TheGhost267

  14. @Al Hoff

  15. @Kherune

  16. @LoneWolf

  17. @Stickytubesock

  18. @Merkopotamus
  19. @NINcorp
  20. @emttim*

  21. @l33thal*

  22. @Paronity*

  23. @Pager*

  24. @M249-M4A1*

  25. <All Core/Head/Founding>


--== Minecraft ==--

  1. @Gurthyy

  2. @Paronity

  3. @ HacksawJack

  4. @Blargosaur


--== Reign of Kings ==--

  1. @Darkcobra337

  2. @SaltySam

  3. @Hacksaw Jack


--== GRAV ==--

  1. @Nackers

  2. @Paronity


--== 7 Days To Die ==--

  1. @Paronity
  2. @Gurthyy

  3. @SaltySam


--== Space Engineers ==--

  1. @Paronity
  2. @emttim


--== Source Event Servers ==--

  1. @M249-M4A1

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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