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General Behavior and Etiquette in Report a Player Threads

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Our "Report a Player" section is seen by a LOT of people. This is not limited to just people that are in GSN. We have several communities that use our bans and our reports to "research" players on their servers because of how thoroughly and well we document everything. Additionally, Google LOVES us due to optimizing that has been done by us on the forums side of things. This means that Google crawls most of our posts within MINUTES. For this reason, player reports need to remain CLEAN and straight to the point. 


1.) Do NOT post on a report a player thread that you are not involved in. Generally, there will only be three people that need to make posts. The OP, the person being reported, and which ever admin takes on the report.  Sometimes more than one person will be involved, and in that case you may put your input on there.


2.) Your personal opinions are not needed on these topics if you aren't involved in them, so again, keep them to yourself. 


3.) Any posts made that are not needed will be removed. Additionally, any posts that are simply name calling or flaming will be removed. Repetitive failure to follow these guidelines can and will result in the revoking of your posting privileges. 


4.) If you are the admin taking the report, please be thorough, precise, unbiased, and straight to the point. This is not a section that warrants playful GIFs or passive aggressive posts. 


5.) Once a decision has been made, the topic will be locked and the administrative action that needs to happen will happen. Whether it be banning the player, putting a note on their profile, or just warning them in TeamSpeak. Once this action has been decided, there will be no further discussion on the topic. If the player that has been reported get's banned, and would like to dispute a ban, they can do that in the Dispute a Ban section. 

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