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How To Install FTB for GSN Minecraft

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So the question has been coming up a bit, and with the launch of the new server, I figured it was time for a proper walkthrough on how to install Feed the Beast to be played on GSN!
1.) Go to the FTB website here.
2.) Select "Download Now" from the homepage.
3.) Run the launcher.
4.) In the bottom right, drop down "Select Profile" and click "Create Profile"
5.) Sign in using your Mojang account.
6.) On the left side, select "Infinity Evolved - Minecraft Version 1.7.10"
7.) Drop down the "Recommended" dropdown menu, and select 2.4.2

8.) In the bottom right, click "Launch"
It is recommended to go into the OPTIONS tab at the top, and allocate more RAM to the game. With this many mods, 1-2GB of RAM will have you struggling. If you have the RAM to give, give it!

It will take quite a bit of time to run the first time, because it's installing 170+ mods at once. It does take long to launch after this, but not as long as the first time.  If your came goes "Not Responding" just let it be - it will launch eventually.
From here, it's your standard Minecraft game. Connect to the server and away you go!

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