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GSN Gaming | Code of Conduct

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GSN’s Code of Conduct


GSN holds its members - whether full members or forum members - to a high set of standards, and while anyone is a member, the community expects every person to uphold those standards. This does not only mean within the boundaries of the GSN forums and its servers, but on other platforms and websites as well.


While a member of the GSN Gaming Community, everyone is expected to treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity. Treat others how you would like to be treated. This means all players on the server  including those that are not GSN Members. GSN desires this community to be as inviting and hospitable as possible, so that everyone can create a fun gaming environment for all those around.


Please keep in mind that all members will be held accountable for their actions. Be honest, be polite, and always keep due diligence to your actions. Honesty is one of the best traits anyone can carry up the ranks at GSN. Plus, GSN logs everything - so Staff knows when someone is lying. Every member is responsible for the actions that happen on their account. This means that if a member’s account is shared with any other person, family member, friend, or attorney, their actions is the member’s actions. Every member is responsible for the actions that is done on their account whether directly by the member or someone else. Letting someone else use the account is not an adequate reason for GSN allow a negative situation (e.g., griefing, hacking, scripting or admin abuse) occur without administrative actions.Such explanations will not be considered acceptable and the member will have to deal with the consequences of those actions. Please bare this in mind when granting access to an account.


Friendship is not only a great side effect of one’s time here at GSN but also encouraged. A byproduct of this is that there are always going to be groups that will find themselves apart of and will find themselves in the same Discord channels with the same people time and time again. Keep in mind that the GSN Discord is a public utility, and any user has just as much a right to be in a channel as the next person. So, when the next user - whether a newcomer or odd man out - joins the channel, all members are expected to welcome them. Make them feel like this is home. Represent GSN from the first encounter to the last encounter.


The thing that makes this community so great is the players. How well one fits in all depends on how the player treats other members. This community is more than just some friends playing video games together: it’s a family of players from around the world who come back to the same place to do what they love to do - play games. If the admins of this community receive complaints against a member regarding their behavior, please be advised that GSN will treat the case very seriously with the utmost care and urgency. Whether the incident unfolded on the forums, Steam, Twitch, Discord, etc. - any member will be held responsible for how they treat others. This premise alone is enough to have any member removed from the community if deemed necessary. Just because a person is not on GSN soil does not mean they have a free pass to treat others with disrespect.


This community was built with a few ideas in mind, but there is one of those ideas that is especially important: leave your baggage at the door and game. While GSN understands that everyone has problems in life, this community also understands that GSN acts as a safe haven for many - anytime that barrier is broken, this is when negative issues begin to form. This does not mean members are not allowed to talk about their personal life with other members. However, it does mean that make sure to use caution sharing personal information with others, and not making people uncomfortable. Take care and be sensitive to the others within the community as subjects regarding personal events may be riddled with high and sensitive emotion.  There is a right time and place for such a thing, just make sure the balance is kept. If this happens, the rest of this document will fall into place.


Regarding GSN Members

Once a person puts on the GSN tags, they are a walking and talking representation of what the community is here at GSN. All the above pertains to GSN Members as a whole. Conduct unbecoming a GSN member can quickly lead to termination of GSN membership.


Additionally, those GSN  Members who are Moderator and above must maintain GSN’s Best Admining Practices when helping admin GSN servers and forums. The ability to do such is a privilege that each member is granted on the belief that they are mature and professional enough to be granted these additional responsibilities. Any deviation or action from any of the above code of conduct may result in a demotion or termination of membership.


Be nice. Be fair. Be polite. Be hospitable. Be honest. Be heroic. Leave your baggage and the door and game. But most of all, have fun. 


Please note: GSN reserves the right to terminate or deny membership or usage of our servers, forums or TeamSpeak to any person for any reason and at any time regardless of membership, rank or donation status.  GSN does make public much of the community’s servers and forums, however the GSN Gaming Community is an invite-only community. Herein, the term “member” refers to any person, player or group who plays, communicates, or connects with GSN members or servers. Any term of “GSN Member” delineates any member who has been given the status of full member by a vote of GSN Staff.



By playing on our servers and partaking in discussions on our forums, you agree that you will adhere to these conduct guidelines.

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