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Wilsons cop application


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What is your in-game name:



What is your player ID: 



How old are you:

22 years old
Who is your referring GPD Corporal/Sergeant?
What timezone do you live in:
How long have you been playing altis life Or on our server?:
ive been on the Altis life GSN server 3 months and playing altis life for 7 months
Do you have any cop experience:
i am a Military Police Officer in the United States Army with the Fort Bragg Provost Marshal Office. I've been a police officer for 3 years.
Do you have teamspeak and a microphone:
Have you read our server rules?
Multiple times.
Can you donate towards our server?
I am currently Donate Lvl 3  
How many hours a week can you dedicated to playing cop?
20-30. i play altis on my time off work and love it.
Are you only interested in becoming a GSN member or only playing as a cop:
i am looking to play as a cop atm but becoming GSN member could be in the future.
I do solemnly swear to uphold the GSN rules and criminal code.  I will execute my duties fairly to both Civilians and Rebels. I will honor the Chain of Command and follow the directives of the officers appointed over me. I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

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Incorrect info.


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Thank you for your interest!
However N/A is not an option, you must have a referring GPD Officer before I can move this application to the next stage as per the stated requirements on the 'Interested in becoming a whitelisted cop' Topic. Please have him/her post on this thread once you have found one. Application will remain 'On Hold' until that time.


NOTE:Please do not post comments on your own application.

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