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Welcome to the new forums!

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Hi guys! After a lot of work, it's finally done and ready to go! Everyone will have to re-register there accounts and kinda re-learn the software. But I think you guys are going to love it. Thanks again for all the donations to make this happen! I'm really pumped!

First, of all we now have everything sorted real well into different sections. Sexy right?

Second, we now have a full fledged member list with information about each member. Also each member has a profile page. You can hook your twitter/facebook account to the forums as well.

Third, we now have a calendar that will make it very easy to plan for scrims & practices.

Fourth, we now have a shout box chat room! Will be nice for those who want to chat while they are at work or school!

Fifth, at the top right you'll see a button with a paint bucket. Click that icon and go ahead and choose your own background. So far I have a Black Ops, BF3, BC2 and GSN wallpaper. I'll be adding more here in the future.

Sixth, there is now a "NEW CONTENT" page where you can see ALL the new posts, ALL the new members and NEW calendar events. http://gsngaming.com...arch_app=forums

Of course there are many other features. But if you have any other questions, just let me know and I'd be happy to answer them.

PS: You can still access the old forum for another week before it goes buh bye. http://gsngaming.com/forum/


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This looks incredible Robot, thanks for all the hard work you put into it.


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Yeah nice one Robot, you certainly did the community proud with this one.Posted Image

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robot and ever1 else that put time in to this thank. like u said it is goin to take some time to learn the software. one againg thanks


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Looks great love all the different backgrounds. Keep up the good work.


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Yes Bad Robot looks great I was trying to figure out where to load a profile picture from could not find it, I think I found the avatar just not sure where to get it to load at, the spell checker helps those of us with bad fingers. Great job; having done our clan website for a couple of years I know how hard it is to make it all sync up and work.

One thing that members might like is to get the team speak to overlay in the game, so players can see who is talking while in the game.

One feature that our members really liked was a World Clock that not only showed the time in the world of select cities but of each member that was on the web page for example right now it shows I am on line with that java script it would also show that it is 6:00 p m right now which is US Central time as I am talking foreign members could then tell in real time about a player on the web site; that was the best enjoyed feature. It started by showing on the profile of the member (even if he was off line) then I found a way to make it show in the forum post and then got it modified to work in the shout box. Just food for future thought since I am sure you are already looking to find ways to improve your new creation right LOL


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I don't know about others but I run two monitors so I game on one and have friends list, ts, clock and hardware monitoring stuff running on the other.