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How to use teamspeak

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Since ive seen alot of newcomers come around recently most of them dont have teamspeak and dont know how to use it so this quick and easy tutorial should help , enjoy.



  1. Ok so first off lets put the beer down. 
  2. Go to http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads  Make sure you grab the right bit 64 , 32
  3. Once its downloaded open up the ts app and go to the connections tab located in the top left http://gyazo.com/230...ffbf10573c36399
  4. Now your gonna put the address into the box like so http://gyazo.com/37a...6f1bffd3aacd22d also dont forget to change your name 
  5. Now once you've connected you can pick up that beer again give your self a pat on the back you earned it.  http://uncrate.com/p...oot-beer-xl.jpg


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your guide explains how to download it, not really use it :P

These guides are very useful for anyone new to teamspeak.

Voice Activation Tutorial

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