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In memory of 1manklan

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In memory of 1manklan (Cain)


Friday, November 22nd, 1974
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


We sadly have to announce that our Core Member 1manklan passed on June 25th, 2014.
Circumstances are not known to us.


GSN lost a longtime member, part of our family and a good friend.
He was around from almost the beginning, shared his online time with us since the early days in BlOps and BFBC2.

1manklan was always a good laugh. He was sitting quiet with you in a channel and out of sudden his deep voice came up with something, that made the whole channel laugh.


He often took our tags in game, his got taken way too early.
Please, let´s remember and honor him as a good friend and brother of GSN Gaming Community.


You went ahead, you will not be forgotten




the fund is going to his niece´s education.

We have set up a paypal account to make a donation from all of GSN to his fund on our behalf.


100% of all donations will be sent to the family on July 11th. Feel free to leave a note, thought, or prayer in the donation and we will make one list and make sure they get it. If you have any questions, let us know. 





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2 more days to get any donations that you would like to provide from the GSN community. If you just want to send your thoughts and concerns to the family, feel free to PM me, or send an email directly to that address above and I will make sure they get forwarded to them when I send the donation. 



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The money has officially been sent. We collected 600 dollars to give to them. Thanks to all those who put money in the pot. I took the money from the paypal account and sent them a personal check. The memo with the check is below.


To the family and friends of Cain Cottle,


My name is Michael Maguire (Paronity, as I am known to my community) and I and sending this letter and its contents from myself and our online gaming community of GSNGaming (gsngaming.com).


Cain (1manklan as he was known to us), was a highly respected and honored member of our community. He was close to many of us and could always be counted on to ensure that we have a good time, whether we were playing a game, or having a member meeting. He was always sure to give his opinion, and always did what he could for us.  Many members of our community could always look to Cain for advice and information about the community. He was clearly a dedicated individual that always wanted to do the best that he could for us. He was always there is someone needed to chat or take out life’s frustrations out on someone.  


We found of his passing via Facebook as many of us have him on their as well. While many of us have never personally met him, he had become a regular part and worthwhile part of our lives. He will be forever missed and we will never forget him. We have immortalized him and his characters in our games, forums, and servers for as long as they run and operate, his name will be there and will be a shrine of respect to him and his time/dedication to us.


We know that there is nothing we can go to make this time any easier for you and your family, but we have collected our donations and enclosed is a check from our community to you. Please use it however you see fit. May god bless you and keep you in this very difficult time. 


After that, I included some of the quotes, messages, and quips that you guys sent in with the money. Thanks again everyone.

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Thank you Paronity. Well said!

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