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General Behaviour & Etiquette in a "Dispute" Thread

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Since in the "ban dispute" threads a lot of public discussion is going on and several personal opinions were given, here is a general guideline for all community members and also once more for GSN members, how to behave and act :


- In general: In a ban dispute, there are always just two persons involved: the person, who is banned and the admin, who made the ban !


- If you are not the admin or the person being reported/banned, and you have pictures/audio/video to post in relation to the report/ban, please contact the admin and get approval prior to posting !


- Any third-party's personal opinion about a person, advice, how a ban should be handled, or if somebody should get another chance is not asked !

We┬┤ve got rules for our forums, Discord and our servers, everybody has to follow. If those were broken, the admin, who made the ban is judging .

In a controversial case, GSN Staff will review it. That happens out of public and you will be asked for your opinion .


- If a final decision is made, the case is closed ! No need to post dis / agreement !

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