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GPD Application

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GPD Entry Level Recruitment
Job Title: Cadet or Explorer
Salary: Entry Level
Location: Altis

Job Description: We have multiple vacancies within the GPD needing to be filled. We are looking for candidates who fit the job requirements and will make a great addition to our department. As a Cadet or Explorer, you will function as a police officer responsible for upholding our laws in order to protect life and property.

Job Requirement

  • Have a microphone
  • Have TeamSpeak and be able to use it
  • Knowledge of our rules and laws
  • Mature and willing to follow directions from superior officers
  • Able to dedicate volunteer hours as a public officer

Job Advancement Opportunities

  • Public Relations Department
  • Tactical Response Force
  • Undercover Division
  • Highway Patrol Unit
  • Kavala Operations
  • Altis County Sheriff

Failure to meet these requirements and the requirements of the job application will result in an automatic rejection which will be noted for future applications. We have the right to put on hold or reject any application given failure to comply with our rules, laws, or standard police procedures.


Topic Title: YOUR NAME - GPD/Explorer Application
EXAMPLE: InfernalRage - GPD Application

                   InfernalRage - Explorer Application



Cop Name:
Player ID:
Local Time Zone:

What position are you applying for?

Have you applied for this position before?

How long have have you played on GSN Altis Life?

What law enforcement experience do you have?


Why do you want to become a whitelisted officer?


How would you handle a traffic stop when a suspect is speeding and driving without headlights?


What is your most memorable cop moment?


What is your funniest Altis moment?

I do solemnly swear to uphold the GSN rules and criminal code. I will execute my duties fairly to both Civilians and Rebels. I will honor the Chain of Command and follow the directives of the officers appointed over me. I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

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