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Altis Life Stream Highlights [Week 3]

altis life altis life highlights twitch stream

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More highlights from my altis life stream on wednesday. These have tons of action!










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looked fun ..


might have to give it a try again sometime.

ive tried b4 and didnt have a clue wot i was doing..



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its real life bra



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Always a good time.



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Least you were having fun while the rebel attacks were going on in Kavala :P I got to drive around a Hunter HMG while JBond shot :P 3 confirmed kills from our rig.. and we weren't randomly spraying like *coughMikecough*


And you thought I was stream sniping? :/ I didn't watch one minute of it...I refuse to do something like while on a different side... and you know, those pubbys aren't even supposed to leave Kavala without a superior officer...but stream sniping like they are is just low...very low. They have now joined my personal list of rob/kill on sight...right alongside J.Peterman and Ralph G :P

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