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Robville's Setup

rig showcase pc build robville

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So I have been meaning to do a pc showcase for sometime now and I decided that since I was cleaning it today it was ample time I do so. As a preclarification the reason that the MOBO appears to have 2 different coolers is because at one point the stock cooler was on the board but crapped out and was swapped for the liquid cooler which is in the really blurry photo, the other is just for a better pic of the board.


Edit as of 8/4/2014

I decided to treat myself to some new components as a birthday present to myself. New additions include 1 Creative Sound Blaster Z Series sound card and 2 Lepa 120 mm Led Case Fans (one red one blue). 
I also went ahead and cleaned things up and took some better pictures of some previously blurry components. 

front.jpg back.jpg graphics.jpg insides.jpg old insides.jpg power on.jpg monitors.jpg 20140802_235424.jpg 20140802_235428.jpg 20140802_235436.jpg 20140803_002807.jpg 20140803_002814.jpg 20140803_003650.jpg 20140803_003703.jpg 20140803_003707.jpg 20140803_003710.jpg

Edited by robville, August 04, 2014.



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BLURRY!! but nice :)



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Looks good man. Nice and clean. 



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Looks nice!  

I like the case. 



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Very nice man!

Col Troutman

Col Troutman

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Nice work Robville...Game on man!!!

Carry On


Silent Operator 6

Silent Operator 6

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Nice , looks like you're ready for Battlefield 4 !!  Frag on  ;) !

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