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How to Report a Player!

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Below is a quick guide regarding our new plugin that allows you to fill in empty fields specified by the admin pertaining to the report. This ensures that we have all the information we need right from the get-go, and can lead to quicker action. All fields are required to submit your thread.







  1. If you are a forum member and you are following one of the protocols below, then create a thread in the Report A Player section:

    • You are a forum member reporting a player on one of our servers that is not registered on the forums. 

    • You are a forum member reporting another forum member (forum members are non-ranking members of the GSN community, but members of the community forum).

    • You are reporting ANY ranked GSN member/staff member.

    • You are a GSN member (Recruit, Basic, Advanced, Core. Head, Founder) and you are reporting a Forum Member.

  2. If you are a GSN member (Recruit, Basic, Advanced, Core. Head, Founder), and you are reporting another GSN member of any rank - this is handled internally, and NOT on the public forums. Please PM either the division admin regarding the issue, the HR Department, or any staff member (core/head admin). If you are a GSN member and are reporting a forum member, please follow the proper protocol listed in option #1 above


Minimum Requirements for Reporting a Player


We have been seeing a lot of reports a players that are lacking any type of substance to do anything about. Since this has been the case of late, I am going to add a few more guidelines to help us, help you. 


  • Video Evidence - If you are posting a video as evidence, it must be enough time to show the actions leading up to the incident. A 20 second video is NOT sufficient evidence to show whether someone was RMD'ed or if they broke new life rule. You MUST be able to see the action being done and the actions that led up to it so that we can ensure that nothing was said/sent. If a video of 15 or 20 seconds is posted, we will just close the report a player with lack of evidence, or ask for more. 
  • Picture evidence - As with video evidence, the picture MUST show the whole story. If you are reporting a player for something that occurred, and you show a picture of your dead body, that is NOT sufficient evidence and we can't do anything with that. 
  • Accidents Happen - If you are reporting a player that RDM'ed or VDM'ed you that attempted to make amends in teamspeak, or in game, don't. We ask that all people try to work out these matters in game or in teamspeak before bringing an admin in to get involved. If you are reporting someone, in an attempt to get them into trouble, and we get proof or confirmation of that, you will be the one being punished, not them. 

Please only use this system for good and not abuse. We put it hear so that you guys can help us keep the server clean. Please use it for that purpose and not for your petty arguments with each other. Thanks!

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