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PLEASE READ before creating your first Technical Support thread.

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Important Notes and Rules for Tech Support Sub-Forum


  • If someone responds to your thread will a list of questions or a list of troubleshooting steps, be a darling honey bun and answer all of the questions, in addition of trying all the steps they instructed, in the order they are posted. There are reasons certain tasks need to be completed in a certain order, and there are GOOD reasons why we ask you certain questions. If you fail to do so, don't be surprised when people stop responding with helpful tips. 
  • The more information you provide the faster this will be for all of us. 
  • It is imperative that you submit your post with a list of your hardware components for hardware and OS related issues. When you submit your post, you will be required to list all of your hardware beforehand. If you do not fill out this form, you MUST submit a screenshot of your computer specs or a text list of the specs. You MUST do this for every thread you create in the technical support subforum. If you are going to ask for the help of others [who are not paid for their time, mind you], you should not make us search for your specs. We should not have to go back and search for your specs in previous threads. 
  • Please take the time to 6_17_2013_2_54%20PM.jpg to the post that helps you figure it out. If there are more than one, make sure you "Like" each one that helped you and pick the most helpful reply as the answer. Simply click on the button shown above and it will do the rest for you. This will help these forums be used by others without needing to weed through all the numerous replies that may or may not have been helpful. Thanks!


GSN now has a plugin that requires you to fill out a few small details before posting, that way we can assure you a speedy and accurate response from our skilled forum members. This plugin allows us to assess your issue, and reduce the amount of replies and time it takes to get to a concrete solution. Some examples of what these might look like when filled out properly, please check the examples below. If you are going to request the help of your fellow clan members, please be kind enough to provide the following information in your first post that is listed below. There are four templates you can choose from when creating a support thread.
*Important* Regardless of which template you select, you can still post a free-formed messages just like any other topic that you create. You should use this are to post details that aren't captured by the template system. This should include things such as:

  1. Steps leading to the issue (What were you doing when it occurred?)
  2. Any notable changes to your system or network.
  3. Steps to recreate the issue (if possible).
  4. Things that you have tried to fix the issue (if available). 


- Hardware Support - 

If you have any sort of hardware issue, it's best if we know what hardware you are running. Usually the people that end up being the most help are those that share the same hardware as you do. So don't be shy, show us your goods!


- Network Support -

This template is to be used if the technical issues you are having are network related. If a member asks you to perform a ping/tracert test, the step-by-step instructions on how to do so are located in the 2nd green box.




- Software and Games Support -

This template is used for anything pertaining to software and games.



- Other Support -

If you somehow have an issue with something that doesn't fit into the categories above, then let us know what we can do to help!


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