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Machine Gun Preacher

Some days I think about what I'm gonna do in life once I retire.. Thinking really far ahead here. Honesty I'm motivated by money so that I can provide for my family because I've lived on both ends of the spectrum.... Being poor and then being able to have anything that I wanted. I'm thankful I was fortunate enough to have it end up like that and glad that I understood the power of money before I had what I have now. But I know I can work hard and have it all in twenty years. Maybe it's Hollywood but I see on TV and movies sometimes the people like teachers and coaches who can be sometimes the only positive influence for other kids that don't have much. I'd be thinking about after I retire I get a teaching degree and head to the hood. I know I'd have to teacher the younger kids... Because I know sometimes it is too late to give kids any hope of success by the time they reach high school... And some of them wouldn't even make it. I have a few teachers who not only enjoy teaching but they go a step further and they teach outside the book, they teach life lessons and twenty years from now I'm gonna look back and be really grateful for what I was taught and I wanna pass it on. Random ramble over...
Dec 29, 2015 - 22:52