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#11 Interested in becoming an official GSN member? Read this.

Posted by BadBadRobot on March 11, 2011

GSN Gaming is a tight knit, drama free community of mature gamers that play all sorts of games. We are open to anyone.... however, if you want to be an official GSN member, you have to be INVITED.

How does GSN decide if I get in or not?
Every month the staff members meet and discuss the activeness, behavior and attitude of those interested in recruitment. We then vote on whether or not a member will be recruited.


How long does it take to get recruited?
There is no set amount of time. We are searching for the outstanding people among the community. We will watch your gaming, voip and text activity in our server, as well as see how you get along with other members.

#156597 GSN Gaming | Code of Conduct

Posted by BadBadRobot on March 20, 2015

GSN’s Code of Conduct


GSN holds its members - whether full members or forum members - to a high set of standards, and while anyone is a member, the community expects every person to uphold those standards. This does not only mean within the boundaries of the GSN forums and its servers, but on other platforms and websites as well.


While a member of the GSN Gaming Community, everyone is expected to treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity. Treat others how you would like to be treated. This means all players on the server  including those that are not GSN Members. GSN desires this community to be as inviting and hospitable as possible, so that everyone can create a fun gaming environment for all those around.


Please keep in mind that all members will be held accountable for their actions. Be honest, be polite, and always keep due diligence to your actions. Honesty is one of the best traits anyone can carry up the ranks at GSN. Plus, GSN logs everything - so Staff knows when someone is lying. Every member is responsible for the actions that happen on their account. This means that if a member’s account is shared with any other person, family member, friend, or attorney, their actions is the member’s actions. Every member is responsible for the actions that is done on their account whether directly by the member or someone else. Letting someone else use the account is not an adequate reason for GSN allow a negative situation (e.g., griefing, hacking, scripting or admin abuse) occur without administrative actions.Such explanations will not be considered acceptable and the member will have to deal with the consequences of those actions. Please bare this in mind when granting access to an account.


Friendship is not only a great side effect of one’s time here at GSN but also encouraged. A byproduct of this is that there are always going to be groups that will find themselves apart of and will find themselves in the same Discord channels with the same people time and time again. Keep in mind that the GSN Discord is a public utility, and any user has just as much a right to be in a channel as the next person. So, when the next user - whether a newcomer or odd man out - joins the channel, all members are expected to welcome them. Make them feel like this is home. Represent GSN from the first encounter to the last encounter.


The thing that makes this community so great is the players. How well one fits in all depends on how the player treats other members. This community is more than just some friends playing video games together: it’s a family of players from around the world who come back to the same place to do what they love to do - play games. If the admins of this community receive complaints against a member regarding their behavior, please be advised that GSN will treat the case very seriously with the utmost care and urgency. Whether the incident unfolded on the forums, Steam, Twitch, Discord, etc. - any member will be held responsible for how they treat others. This premise alone is enough to have any member removed from the community if deemed necessary. Just because a person is not on GSN soil does not mean they have a free pass to treat others with disrespect.


This community was built with a few ideas in mind, but there is one of those ideas that is especially important: leave your baggage at the door and game. While GSN understands that everyone has problems in life, this community also understands that GSN acts as a safe haven for many - anytime that barrier is broken, this is when negative issues begin to form. This does not mean members are not allowed to talk about their personal life with other members. However, it does mean that make sure to use caution sharing personal information with others, and not making people uncomfortable. Take care and be sensitive to the others within the community as subjects regarding personal events may be riddled with high and sensitive emotion.  There is a right time and place for such a thing, just make sure the balance is kept. If this happens, the rest of this document will fall into place.


Regarding GSN Members

Once a person puts on the GSN tags, they are a walking and talking representation of what the community is here at GSN. All the above pertains to GSN Members as a whole. Conduct unbecoming a GSN member can quickly lead to termination of GSN membership.


Additionally, those GSN  Members who are Moderator and above must maintain GSN’s Best Admining Practices when helping admin GSN servers and forums. The ability to do such is a privilege that each member is granted on the belief that they are mature and professional enough to be granted these additional responsibilities. Any deviation or action from any of the above code of conduct may result in a demotion or termination of membership.


Be nice. Be fair. Be polite. Be hospitable. Be honest. Be heroic. Leave your baggage and the door and game. But most of all, have fun. 


Please note: GSN reserves the right to terminate or deny membership or usage of our servers, forums or TeamSpeak to any person for any reason and at any time regardless of membership, rank or donation status.  GSN does make public much of the community’s servers and forums, however the GSN Gaming Community is an invite-only community. Herein, the term “member” refers to any person, player or group who plays, communicates, or connects with GSN members or servers. Any term of “GSN Member” delineates any member who has been given the status of full member by a vote of GSN Staff.



By playing on our servers and partaking in discussions on our forums, you agree that you will adhere to these conduct guidelines.

#96125 In memory of 1manklan

Posted by Thunder on July 02, 2014

In memory of 1manklan (Cain)


Friday, November 22nd, 1974
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


We sadly have to announce that our Core Member 1manklan passed on June 25th, 2014.
Circumstances are not known to us.


GSN lost a longtime member, part of our family and a good friend.
He was around from almost the beginning, shared his online time with us since the early days in BlOps and BFBC2.

1manklan was always a good laugh. He was sitting quiet with you in a channel and out of sudden his deep voice came up with something, that made the whole channel laugh.


He often took our tags in game, his got taken way too early.
Please, let´s remember and honor him as a good friend and brother of GSN Gaming Community.


You went ahead, you will not be forgotten




the fund is going to his niece´s education.

We have set up a paypal account to make a donation from all of GSN to his fund on our behalf.


100% of all donations will be sent to the family on July 11th. Feel free to leave a note, thought, or prayer in the donation and we will make one list and make sure they get it. If you have any questions, let us know. 



#211449 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by BadBadRobot on October 20, 2015

I know this happened suddenly, and without warning. Your gut reaction might be anger and that you hate my guts right now, but please read first. There is no TL;DR.


Last week I had someone ask me during an interview at the 5 year anniversary LAN party if this is how I pictured GSN Gaming would be after 5 years. I answered “Yes” out loud, but part of me on the inside said No. Why? Altis Life.


To better explain what I mean, I will first tell you guys what I envisioned for GSN Gaming 5 years ago during it’s inception. I pictured GSN Gaming being a small, tight knit community that logged on and gamed with people all over the world, to play games and have fun, and leave behind the stresses of life for a short time. A place we could truly play games and have fun. No drama, no bullshit. And if there was drama and bullshit, it was removed...immediately. We have enough drama in our own lives. We don’t need it in our video games. I wanted quality members, over quantity. I wanted mature, respectful and team oriented people to play together with one goal: FUN. And it was this way for 4 years. I can’t say that Is the case today. Why?


Well, Altis Life. Hell, I was the first guy to play it. I streamed it, got our community hooked and before you knew it, we had our own damn server. So, I’m to blame. Altis Life brought a lot of life/activity to our forums, teamspeak, etc. In fact we grew, fast. Really fast. Too fast. At times, we didn’t know who we were recruiting into our community. We couldn’t keep up, and some bad apples got through the cracks. However, we got some really amazing members who came for altis life, found that they really loved the community (the people) and branched out to other games and became GSN. It was awesome. However, with all the good things Altis brought, it also brought bad things.


Altis Life has brought an un-godly amount of drama, stress, admin work, ddos attacks and the most immature player base I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen such a game/server affect my community so much. (Once upon a time we had dayz. It started heading in this direction and we axed it before it got this bad) Altis would turn GSN members on other GSN members so quickly. I now see why no other Altis community survives for more than 6 months before it dies. We’ve had GSN admins leave, step down or straight up vanish because “they just can’t take it anymore, It was too much work, too much stress.” Gaming was supposed to be fun. Seeing a game affect my community like this, how can I actively support it? Should I do it because “Well hey it’s popular and it brings tons of people”, but at what cost to the community I’ve created? Would GSN Gaming die if Altis stayed around? No, I think it would rot from the inside out.


Again, my goal for GSN was a mature, team oriented bundle of gamers that could login every day, play games and have fun, with no bullshit, no drama. We shouldn’t be afraid to log on to their own voice server because of the type of people that are in it. Does that sound like GSN today? No, our website/teamspeak/servers, etc have been taken over run by drama, stress, un-happy admins, ddos attacks, and a super immature player base. I won’t keep taking my community in this direction. This has been wearing on me for 6 months. I did not make this decision quickly, or rashly.


So, I’m announcing that the Altis Life server is being shut down, permanently. I know it happened suddenly, but if we set a date, the server would become vdm/rule breaking/comp request/ heaven. In a couple of days the Altis Life subforum will be locked and archived. In an effort to go back to our core values we have also brought back #rigitity with our members, invite only recruitment, and soon a (18+), GSN member only + maure members only (invite only) voice server. We want to see our voice server packed with GSN members, and mature community members that are actually interested in GSN, and not squatting in our server for a free voice channel. (More on that soon)


That being said, I want to thank everyone that supported and helped this server grow in the last year and a half. Seriously, so many people stepped up to the plate and put a lot of work into this server to help make it better. It made me PROUD. REALLY PROUD. (And this is part of the reason this is so hard to do).


I hope that the GSN members who did come here for Altis Life stick around with our community after this, but I would understand if you didn’t. In fact, I wouldn’t even blame you if you hated my guts. I know I’m taking away something that some of you guys love and put so much time into. Please don’t take this personally. Don’t think I don’t value the hard work you guys did. I hope you guys can see why I made this decision, and it wasn’t just a “because I feel like it”. If you are going to leave, please know that no one here will hold it against you.


So...what now? We will continue to play games that we love together and have fun. Maybe with 99% less drama, stress, ddos attacks, and 100% more FUN. We will be able to do so in an (18+) GSN Member only + mature player only (by invite) voice server that we can feel comfortable joining. Soon our community will find and gravitate towards a new game that everyone will love. And we will continue to bring GSN back to it’s core value’s I mentioned above. I promise, when we get there, those who stayed will love it.


If you have any questions or you just want to call me a fucking asshole, feel free to post it below.



Note: If you’ve made a donation to the Altis Life specifically in the last month, I will be happy to refund your donations. Just contact me via PM.


Note 2: If anyone has real interest in taking ownership of our server (under a different name), database, and mission file that they should PM @Paronity.

#163400 1manklan Arma 3 Event Stub

Posted by M2THE49 on April 13, 2015

So I was tasked with creating a little memorial video for the late 1manklan from the event we held a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, I couldn't finish it because I kept choking up with emotion, but I wanted to share what I had. Many of you are new faces who never got the chance to meet manklan. I'm sure he would've loved to meet you all (maybe) ;)


I will most likely push another full-length feature at another date, with footage of better times, laughter, and nonstop snickering.


Thanks to everyone who came to the event





@BadBadRobot @Paronity @Gewchie @Koda @Special Ed @l33thal @emttim @Col Troutman @Cesil The Diddler @InfernalRage @TryzHD @deathview_games @Thunder @Ronduth @Channel7Bob @Poppy @Gavin @ Neptune @ ToxicU @ Jake @Sam. @CapN @DaFack @Butterkuhp @Bourbon @Pager @Fish_Tacos @Bacon @Simon101 @Iceman @Eagles_4L1fe @ECHO @JollyGG @Angaar .. and sorry if I missed anyone

#84083 GPD Application

Posted by InfernalRage on May 03, 2014

GPD Entry Level Recruitment
Job Title: Cadet or Explorer
Salary: Entry Level
Location: Altis

Job Description: We have multiple vacancies within the GPD needing to be filled. We are looking for candidates who fit the job requirements and will make a great addition to our department. As a Cadet or Explorer, you will function as a police officer responsible for upholding our laws in order to protect life and property.

Job Requirement

  • Have a microphone
  • Have TeamSpeak and be able to use it
  • Knowledge of our rules and laws
  • Mature and willing to follow directions from superior officers
  • Able to dedicate volunteer hours as a public officer

Job Advancement Opportunities

  • Public Relations Department
  • Tactical Response Force
  • Undercover Division
  • Highway Patrol Unit
  • Kavala Operations
  • Altis County Sheriff

Failure to meet these requirements and the requirements of the job application will result in an automatic rejection which will be noted for future applications. We have the right to put on hold or reject any application given failure to comply with our rules, laws, or standard police procedures.


Topic Title: YOUR NAME - GPD/Explorer Application
EXAMPLE: InfernalRage - GPD Application

                   InfernalRage - Explorer Application



Cop Name:
Player ID:
Local Time Zone:

What position are you applying for?

Have you applied for this position before?

How long have have you played on GSN Altis Life?

What law enforcement experience do you have?


Why do you want to become a whitelisted officer?


How would you handle a traffic stop when a suspect is speeding and driving without headlights?


What is your most memorable cop moment?


What is your funniest Altis moment?

I do solemnly swear to uphold the GSN rules and criminal code. I will execute my duties fairly to both Civilians and Rebels. I will honor the Chain of Command and follow the directives of the officers appointed over me. I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

#212853 Altis Life, RGN and GSN. What happened exactly?

Posted by Paronity on October 27, 2015

As many of you have fully noted and are fully aware, we have lost several admin, as well as community members and they have moved onto forming their own community, which is fully understandable. We are now more at the size that we needed to be at to keep things scaled appropriately and keep things the way we want. Close knit and family feeling. I want to game and have fun, not be stressed by getting into TS/Discord.


When we closed Altis, we KNEW there was going to be a backlash and that we would lose a lot of people. So far, no one that has left has been much of a surprise. I could have called about 95% of them. There were a few names that I was mildly disappointed in, considering what we did for them, but that is all water under the bridge now. Most that are going to leave, have left and we are starting to see the clearing in the dust. :)


Now, to the point of my post. I wanted to make it very clear what we (GSN) have done for/to Ronduth and his new community (RGN). After putting a lot of thought into it, I decided that sitting on the files was not the right thing to do. Why? Because then I'm just one of those people that frustrate me when they won't release code and want to keep it to themselves. I dedicated 1.5 years of my life making that server what it is today, and to sit on those files felt wrong. The reason I do what I do is not to make money, becomes famous, or to even be well known. I do it so that people can enjoy themselves and have a great time building something that I DID. Sitting on it doesn't allow people to be enjoying themselves, which would mean I wasted 1.5 years on something that no one will enjoy ever again. What is the point in that? So after a TON of thought and discussions with other staff members on my opinions, this is what transpired:


1.) I gave RGN full file access to use and modify the client and server files. 

2.) I gave RGN the full database so that they could do with it what they wanted.

3.) We (GSN) sold the physical server to RGN. When I say sold, I mean they paid us for this month that we just paid for and then we transferred the box to their account. This allows them to keep the same IP, and thus, the rank. 

4.) I helped them get the sever configured as well as removing anything that I automated (mostly FireDaemon since it is a paid for and licensed piece of software) and everything that was not specifically for GSN Altis. 


They paid GSN for the box, and they also paid me a onetime fee for helping them transfer and move everything over to ensure that it worked. So, in summation, their Altis Life server is live and it is our old code set. I have completely and utterly washed my hands of Altis. We no longer hold a unique version of it and thus will NEVER be tempted to do it again (at least I won't). That is another reason I made the decision I made. I didn't want the temptation of being able to try it again at ANY point in the future.  


Next, I have no personal ill will towards ANYONE that left nor should most others. I still have them on my steam friends, I still talk to them, and I will most likely still play games with them from time to time. I am a member of their forums as well so I can browse and see what's going on (I have memberships to like 30 communities forums because I like to stay in touch with other communities and their admins, it’s what allows me to be well connected and get special things from time to time like our custom memory allocator). I expect GSN members to treat them as if they are "just another community". It doesn't matter that they came from our ranks and we trained them. They are still our friends and them starting their own community is not reason enough to change that. I wish them the best on their endeavor. I will answer questions that they have and be glad to point them in the right direction, just like I do with every other contact, community, and friend. I will pay-it-forward with them, just like I do everyone else. 


Lastly, I will NOT be debugging for them, developing for them, and they will not get ANY of our admin systems that made it easier for us to manage the game. They can have ARMACon, just like everyone else; when it is released, but they will not have the ArmaManager that we had. It's just too much work to transfer the info and code to work on their site. Additionally, we have pretty much already given them what they needed on a golden platter. They are going to have to figure out server administration on their own. 


With all that being said, I wanted you guys to know EXACTLY what happened and where we all stand. There is no bad blood between any of them and GSN directly (there are a couple people that are a little hurt/discouraged, but that is to be expected). I do not want to see them talked about negatively in any way. There is no reason for it and we are better than that. We will be moving on to bigger and better things and greener pastures are coming soon. 


I am taking a break from coding ANYTHING for ARMA for at least two weeks. I want to see what it's like to not have to stress over something GSN related. :)


Any questions or comments, just let me know. I was LARGELY responsible for these decisions, no matter what @BadBadRobot tries to take responsibility for. :D


TLDR: Nope  :D

#56006 About GSN Gaming

Posted by BadBadRobot on April 11, 2013

group photo.jpg


Welcome to GSN Gaming.

We are a small and tight knit pc gaming community that allows its members to login and play fun, stress free games with mature, respectful and team oriented people from all over the world. We squad up in games like Battlefield, Wasteland, GTAV, Rocket League, ARK: Survival, Dirty Bomb, Counter Strike and more.


On September 3rd 2010, BadBadRobot, PigBenis, paladinZero & Stormborn started a discussion to start their own community. A community where people could come to have fun, forget about life's worries and make great friends from all around the world. On October 3rd 2010 we registered our first domain name, setup our website, and pre-ordered our first Black Ops server.

Since our humble beginnings we've grown from only 4 members to over 100. With the help of our amazing admin team and staff, we now run multiple servers and have a great reputation throughout the PC gaming community. Our website is a place where anyone can start discussions about anything, share news & videos, make friends, post their gaming rigs or even request for technical support.


GSN is a gaming community open to everyone, however, if you want to be an official GSN member/admin you have to be INVITED. Yes, we are an INVITE ONLY community. How does one get invited? For more information, please read this thread.

#163046 Reverting Back to Old School Reputation System

Posted by Naaackers on April 12, 2015

Hey there! This is just a quick announcement to let all forum members know that we as a community are reverting back to the old reputation system. The reputation system is used to 'like' or 'dislike' posts on the forum. The newer system was being abused (and yes, we know who) by many members of the forum. Now, you can only 'like' a post and you can no longer 'dislike'. 


Enjoy and be safe!

#131346 Bunch of Games and Stuff and Things

Posted by Muuvie on December 05, 2014

Hi.  Uh, here are some games.  Put in the comments which one you want.  I'll draw names in like, a week or something, I don't know.  Bye.




Rust (2 copies)







Darksiders II (2 copies)







Silent Hunter 5 (2 copies) (UPlay)







Company of Heros 2 (2 copies)







Tropico 5 (2 copies)






Max Payne 3 (2 copies)








You are all nice ladies.









#143309 This is why GSN gets DDoS

Posted by M2THE49 on January 26, 2015

Practicing some editing in Photoshop and yeah!


Please wait for the following image to load:





#99175 In memory of 1manklan

Posted by Paronity on July 14, 2014

The money has officially been sent. We collected 600 dollars to give to them. Thanks to all those who put money in the pot. I took the money from the paypal account and sent them a personal check. The memo with the check is below.


To the family and friends of Cain Cottle,


My name is Michael Maguire (Paronity, as I am known to my community) and I and sending this letter and its contents from myself and our online gaming community of GSNGaming (gsngaming.com).


Cain (1manklan as he was known to us), was a highly respected and honored member of our community. He was close to many of us and could always be counted on to ensure that we have a good time, whether we were playing a game, or having a member meeting. He was always sure to give his opinion, and always did what he could for us.  Many members of our community could always look to Cain for advice and information about the community. He was clearly a dedicated individual that always wanted to do the best that he could for us. He was always there is someone needed to chat or take out life’s frustrations out on someone.  


We found of his passing via Facebook as many of us have him on their as well. While many of us have never personally met him, he had become a regular part and worthwhile part of our lives. He will be forever missed and we will never forget him. We have immortalized him and his characters in our games, forums, and servers for as long as they run and operate, his name will be there and will be a shrine of respect to him and his time/dedication to us.


We know that there is nothing we can go to make this time any easier for you and your family, but we have collected our donations and enclosed is a check from our community to you. Please use it however you see fit. May god bless you and keep you in this very difficult time. 


After that, I included some of the quotes, messages, and quips that you guys sent in with the money. Thanks again everyone.

#202386 Announcements regarding recruitment & retiring staff

Posted by BadBadRobot on September 14, 2015

We have some important community changes that I would like to share with you guys. 


Retiring Staff

Over the past 5 years we have been so lucky to have such smart, talented and level headed staff to help this place grow and thrive. Today, some of the members who have been around the longest are retiring: @Poppy, @Col Troutman and @Iceman. Please give this guys a round of applause and thank them for their years of service to this community. These members will still play with us, however they won’t be carrying any community responsibilities.


Invite Only Community

Our community has grown immensely over the past few years. So much so that we feel like we are growing a little too fast to be able to meet, play, and bond with the members of our community. We can’t lead a community that we don’t know. So from this point, recruitment applications are no longer being accepted (and we will be going back to invite only). Our recruitment page has been updated with new instructions: https://gsngaming.co...mber-read-this/

#15486 Member Roster, Ranks & Rolls

Posted by BadBadRobot on December 17, 2011

Staff Members These members are long standing members of the community and have shown dedication and have worked for the betternet of the community. They have admin powers and meet monthly to discuss important community topics and discuss recruitment.


Members These are official members of the community that have shown dedication to us and have earned respect in the community. They are here to play games and have fun.


Recruits Members who are currently being considered for full membership. During recruitment phase you will be under observation.

Additional Roles

Moderator These members have admin powers in our Discord server. They can kick, ban, manage messages, create / edit / delete voice channels.

Retired Staff Former staff members of this community. This role is to honor them for their hard work in the past.

Staff Members
[GSN] BadBadRobot

[GSN] Coyote

[GSN] HPLa5erjet

[GSN] MrFortyTwo

[GSN] Nimbus
[GSN] SaltySam

[GSN] SpeedDemon

[GSN] Thunder



[GSN] Cola

[GSN] Dustles

[GSN] Gippy


[GSN] wabadahugo

[GSN] Waltfield


Basic Members

[GSN] 1FingerSalute

[GSN] Airacobra

[GSN] Animbus

[GSN] Arcticyclone

[GSN] Aryanix


[GSN] BlackWrath5150

[GSN] Blargosaur

[GSN] Butterkuhp

[GSN] ch33seb0b

[GSN] Chancey_19

[GSN] Copenhagen

[GSN] Cpt.Kyle

[GSN] D3structiveDude

[GSN] Darkcobra

[GSN] dave_304

[GSN] Devils_knight

[GSN] DigitalFlex

[GSN] Dilpickle1

[GSN] Emberstrife

[GSN] GforGreg

[GSN] goodbowler200

[GSN] Howieeeeeeee

[GSN] IdealShooting

[GSN] IngeMeissel

[GSN] Jay Deadeye

[GSN] Jhordan

[GSN] JollyGG
[GSN] k9rover

[GSN] Kherune
[GSN] Laus

[GSN] Mdude™

[GSN] Modoc

[GSN] Monsterly

[GSN] Rangerdanger0

[GSN] Rhaven

[GSN] Sadistikitty

[GSN] Sadistic_Malice

[GSN] Searelia

[GSN] Smol

[GSN] Sonder13

[GSN] SpaceCoder

[GSN] Squishy

[GSN] StormsWar

[GSN] three beers

[GSN] ViperTech0911

[GSN] Wikken

[GSN] Xander

[GSN] Xeerar

[GSN] xXHeloMechXx



[GSN] Army8419
[GSN] Berez-21
[GSN] Joe I Bob I Cow Feeder
[GSN] MisteRFulcrouS
[GSN] Sir Brady
[GSN] SultonMRP
[GSN] Stynkerbella

Retired Staff

[GSN] 1manklan (RIP)
[GSN] 03Termi

[GSN] 11B30

[GSN] CapN

[GSN] Cullen

[GSN] DonDiablo

[GSN] emttim

[GSN] Iceman

[GSN] Kest

[GSN] LightEightSix


[GSN] paladinZero

[GSN] Rando

[GSN] Silent Operator 6

[GSN] Special Ed

[GSN] Stormborn




Col Troutman











#161161 GSN Gaming: Game Server List

Posted by BadBadRobot on April 06, 2015

We are currently not hosting any official GSN Gaming servers. 


If you would like to see about the possibility of hosting a new game server, please post a discussion thread so that the community can chime in and see if it's something that would be possible in the future.


#211402 Discord: Server Rules

Posted by BadBadRobot on October 20, 2015

To maintain a mature and fun experience within our community's Discord server, we ask each user to adhere to the below set of rules:


  1. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role.
  2. No advertising or posting spam. Do not tag people repeatedly or without need.
  3. Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
  4. No links may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links.
  5. When gaming, please find the appropriate channel in which to game.

#196056 "He's absolutely perfect"

Posted by SaltySam on August 23, 2015

First of all, I want to say that I'm writing this while laying on a couch in a hospital room, having slept less than 6 hours in three days and am happy as I have ever been in my entire life.

Starting my Friday was just another day. A couple of Dr appointments to check out my little guy and my girlfriend who had just passed the 38 weeks mark this week with the pregnancy. Not a worry in the world, just routine by now so off we went.

That's when the day, and our lives for that matter, changed. The contractions started coming a bit early. He was just a couple weeks away from his debut but seems he was just as anxious as we were to meet each other. We had the appointment and she wasn't ready to go into the hospital so home we went. Back out at 2pm to go to our scheduled ultrasound appointment and all checked out fine, but unfortunately still not time to head into the hospital so back home we went.

To spare the details we ended up going to the hospital, back home, and back to the hospital around 2am yesterday where they finally saw enough to admit her in and give her the pain medication she desperately needed(contractions were 4 mins apart by the time we got back to the hospital). I was, for the first time I can remember, completely out of my element and useless beyond belief.

So after being in labor for close to 12 hours and going through what I can guarantee you is the most intense emotional experience you will ever encounter as long as you live he was out and the moment we heard that first cry we melted. He was finally here, we were exhausted, crying, completely and utterly thrilled to finally get to hold him in our arms after everything this day laid out for us.

Update: my baby boy is fed and back to sleep and his mother is too. So I'm pacing my way around the halls trying to keep myself from endlessly staring into the bassinet in our room.

So after that well of text and all of the lead up, I'd like to introduce you all to my first born, my son, Elijah. Born 6lbs 4oz 20inches long at 1245pm yesterday afternoon.

He's absolutely perfect in every way.

Ps for those of you that already knew what was going on with me, I appreciate all the messages of congratulation and encouragement over the last couple days. <3 You GSN and hope to add a second generation GSNer one day far down the road.

#170558 The Generosity of GSN (and it's members) Shows Again

Posted by Paronity on May 06, 2015

So, today, just being another normal day with nothing special going on (and a rather stressful nothing if I might add), I get a call from my wife tell me that I have a package at the house from <insert persons first and last name here>. She says, "Any idea who that is?". I tell her that it is a member from GSN and it's probably something for @deathview_games computer. 


Boy was I wrong. Apparently, Al HoffDilpickle1, and @M249-M4A1 worked together to get me the Legend of Zelda shirt that M2 was selling


You guys are amazing and I will enjoy the shirt and contents greatly. My wife was also truly touched that this community is as caring and gracious as it is and has her thanks that you respect and appreciate the time and effort I put into it. She knows it means a lot to me, and this has shown her why.


I poke fun at "needing" things and "getting people to get me stuff", but I never expect it to happen, and in fact would much rather people get helped that need it, than to ever waste it on me. This was truly unexpected and I am honored to be given it. :D


I do truly feel amazing to have you guys in my corner, and it goes a long way to see things like this. You guys just rock. 








Something as simple as this goes a long way in helping me right now while things are tough. (For those unaware you can read my life story (if you are interested) on my blog (2nd and 3rd posts are the bread and butter of my issues ATM) - I won't bore you with the details here.... http://paronity.com/). I truly appreciate it guys.  

#168477 Bill Dispute Ban

Posted by Paronity on April 28, 2015


#13183 Gaming Server List

Posted by BadBadRobot on November 20, 2011

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