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We are a PC gaming community with mature, friendly and team oriented members that play and livestream games like ARMA, Altis Life, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield, Minecraft and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  Devils_knight (15 minutes ago) im trying to down my beer to play bf4 but yeah just not going well
@  Fusion3Gz (16 minutes ago) XD yeah I feel ya Devils. I want to play MMOs but I don't really know any good ones or anything. :P
@  Devils_knight (17 minutes ago) cant seem to get my mind in the mood to game today this sucks
@  CoMmOdUs (21 minutes ago) I wound so tap that!
@  Yami_Streams (22 minutes ago) Hey Fusion, she paid a lot of money for it, respect it.
@  Fusion3Gz (26 minutes ago) Niki has to big of an ass for me, some of those other girls though you better believe it
@  CoMmOdUs (27 minutes ago) FAP FAP FAP
@  Pouncer012 (31 minutes ago) Holy hell Niki https://www.youtube....h?v=LDZX4ooRsWs
@  R33z0is3pic (37 minutes ago) i know
@  Devils_knight (38 minutes ago) that isnt something for the shout box if you have an issue make a support ticket
@  R33z0is3pic (39 minutes ago) a guy shot me out of my truck and stole my 100k and now im out 160k
@  Pager (44 minutes ago) morning M2
@  Pager (45 minutes ago) this was an update to fix the Arma patch that came out today
@  Thunder (45 minutes ago) World: "Good morning, M2 !"
@  Pager (45 minutes ago) no
@  DrPwnzerz (54 minutes ago) has Altis Life been updated to 2.0 yet?
@  M249-M4A1 (55 minutes ago) Aaaaand I'm awake! Good morning world
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:14 PM) i more then likley be in shortly
@  Koda (Today, 04:14 PM) If your parachute doesnt open, that was me!
@  Koda (Today, 04:14 PM) Im playing with you guys in spirit!
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:14 PM) NICE
@  HacksawJack (Today, 04:13 PM) BF4 BABY
@  HacksawJack (Today, 04:13 PM) Devil we got a good group in the GSN server
@  Sparkyy (Today, 04:12 PM) THERE BETTER?
@  Sparkyy (Today, 04:12 PM) http://gsngaming.com...er/#entry107659
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:12 PM) lol i dunno it comfortable
@  Koda (Today, 04:11 PM) That cant be sanitary Devils lol
@  Koda (Today, 04:11 PM) Cant take a break because no one can cover the phones. I never take breaks :P
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:11 PM) nap on the rice
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:11 PM) i nap at work
@  Blade (Today, 04:10 PM) ya it woke me up at 5 becuase it was thundering right above my house
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:10 PM) oh no well sorry to hear that lol
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 04:10 PM) Then use a break and take a nap
@  Koda (Today, 04:09 PM) I cant sleep at work XD
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:09 PM) have a 15 minute nap you be rocking i do it all the time i call it recharge
@  Koda (Today, 04:09 PM) Duh
@  Koda (Today, 04:09 PM) You live here too
@  Koda (Today, 04:09 PM) Oh wait
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:09 PM) ah that doesnt sound good at all
@  Koda (Today, 04:09 PM) And its still raging Blade, were you in TS to hear all the loud ass thunder? Lol
@  Koda (Today, 04:08 PM) Trying my best not to fall asleep :(
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:07 PM) hows you today koda
@  Blade (Today, 04:07 PM) how about that storm koda
@  Koda (Today, 04:06 PM) Evening*
@  Koda (Today, 04:06 PM) Wcwning
@  Blade (Today, 04:06 PM) evening everone
@  Koda (Today, 04:06 PM) Evening!
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:05 PM) evening folks
@  Koda (Today, 04:01 PM) 999 Most Online
@  Koda (Today, 04:01 PM) I found something at the bottom of the website that needs to be broken!
@  SaltySam (Today, 03:39 PM) I am back up! Time to get the GSN BF4 Server cranking! Come on folks! I make an easy target!
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:07 PM) YUSH!
@  Kherune (Today, 03:06 PM) This shoutbox devolved pretty quick didnt it?
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:06 PM) As long as they don't go any bigger than a D im ok
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:05 PM) IKR!
@  Koda (Today, 03:05 PM) too bad you cant join twice eh Fusion?
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:04 PM) You'll grow big tits if you do! <3
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:04 PM) 1 more person! Come join us in bf4!
@  Koda (Today, 03:03 PM) lol
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:03 PM) Yeah Hacksaw, no sexting and driving
@  HacksawJack (Today, 03:01 PM) ....now excuse me while I drive home
@  HacksawJack (Today, 03:01 PM) STEP OFF MY PRECIOUS
@  HacksawJack (Today, 03:01 PM) hey... hey.. I SAID HEY, NACKERS IS MY PRECIOUS
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 02:57 PM) YEAH BUDDY!
@  RisingRonin (Today, 02:54 PM) insurgency event this weekend!
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 02:53 PM) BAVO BRAVO!
@  Kherune (Today, 02:53 PM) So....knackers is shit?
@  HacksawJack (Today, 02:53 PM) -----that is all----
@  Nackers (Today, 02:43 PM) :( nackers sad
@  Kherune (Today, 02:41 PM) :/
@  Koda (Today, 02:41 PM) N is for noob. <3
@  Nackers (Today, 02:40 PM) K IS FOR KUNT
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 02:37 PM) Someone come help DonDiablo in bf4, im smokin em
@  Kherune (Today, 02:37 PM) Yea 200mg Caffeine pills
@  Koda (Today, 02:36 PM) energy*
@  Koda (Today, 02:36 PM) Is there anything other than caffeine filled drinks that can help one get more engery?
@  Kherune (Today, 02:34 PM) Shame on you
@  Koda (Today, 02:34 PM) BLUE
@  Kherune (Today, 02:34 PM) Not only did he ruin the BLUE he also ruined all the K's
@  Nackers (Today, 02:33 PM) FUCKING GREEN
@  Kherune (Today, 02:31 PM) lawl
@  Koda (Today, 02:31 PM) More like they are good at finding him :D
@  Koda (Today, 02:31 PM) http://gsngaming.com...wer-w-paronity/ yes.
@  Kherune (Today, 02:29 PM) Sooo....Paronity is good at finding crazy people?
@  Koda (Today, 02:28 PM) Yes.
@  Kherune (Today, 02:27 PM) wait what?
@  Koda (Today, 02:26 PM) Hes really good at find them :D
@  Koda (Today, 02:26 PM) I am pretty sure some guys escaped from a certain asylum and are stuck in one of them. You should have Paronity investigate with a camera!
@  Kherune (Today, 02:24 PM) I must say though I enjoy the squeaky doors those are fun to play with
@  Kherune (Today, 02:21 PM) You guys gonna take all my stuffs
@  Kherune (Today, 02:21 PM) Well Im glad they fixed it then!
@  Thunder (Today, 02:21 PM) shoutbox is probably the wrong place for that
@  Koda (Today, 02:20 PM) @Kherune your house(s) cannot be locked and everyone can get into your crates. ;)
@  Koda (Today, 02:20 PM) That sucks that youre sick Kest but yay for getting 3 days off :D
@  Kherune (Today, 02:19 PM) But I wanted to know exactly what was broken my curiosity is killing me!!!! :(
@  Jason19999 (Today, 02:19 PM) i love you all
@  Pager (Today, 02:18 PM) The Patch from Arma broke somethings in Altis and the Restart should fix them

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