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We are a PC gaming community with mature, friendly and team oriented members that play and livestream games like ARMA, Altis Life, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield, Minecraft and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  Ghost (A minute ago) hello everybody
@  InfernalRage (6 minutes ago) Good morning
@  BadBadRobot (19 minutes ago) Morning!
@  Stickytubesock (Today, 08:10 AM) Sorry i passed out on you guys last night haha, wasnt too big of help
@  Justin Perez (Today, 06:05 AM) text me on ts or here if you guys looking for a photoshoper :ph34r: :P
@  LoneWolf (Today, 03:40 AM) cant just log in and play the game, NOOOOO some people have to be asshats. tried our best though to limit the craptastic behaviour of hackers
@  LoneWolf (Today, 03:39 AM) well that was a wasted night of gaming...
@  Gabriel Matthews (Today, 02:14 AM) sorry caps
@  Gabriel Matthews (Today, 02:14 AM) kING OF THE HILL IS BACK UP
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:29 AM) pooooooooooooop
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:28 AM) poooooooooooooooooooooooop
@  Nimbus (Today, 01:03 AM) goodmorning
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 12:05 AM) gn gsn
@  SpaceCoder (Yesterday, 11:12 PM) well thats obvious lol
@  Windows (Yesterday, 10:59 PM) Try not alt-tabbing?
@  Paralapse (Yesterday, 10:28 PM) Just wait a bit
@  SpaceCoder (Yesterday, 10:23 PM) hey guys by any chance does anyone know how to get skyrim not to freeze up when u alt tab out
@  Bill (Yesterday, 09:25 PM) Later
@  M249-M4A1 (Yesterday, 09:19 PM) Goodnight gsn <3 xoxoxo
@  Modoc (Yesterday, 09:03 PM) get insurgency on the humble bundle
@  TheKillZone606 (Yesterday, 08:56 PM) ikr
@  Windows (Yesterday, 08:55 PM) All the games that there are events for are games I don't have
@  day twentynine (Yesterday, 08:34 PM) add me on steam, day twentynine
@  day twentynine (Yesterday, 08:34 PM) Nandy hey, I got Insurgency extra copy
@  day twentynine (Yesterday, 08:33 PM) hey how's it going
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 08:30 PM) Let me know if you need it.
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 08:30 PM) Nandy i have one!
@  Nandy (Yesterday, 08:21 PM) im broke as hell, hahaha
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 08:17 PM) https://www.humblebundle.com/
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 08:15 PM) nandy you can get 4 copies for a dollar on humble bundle
@  300harbingers (Yesterday, 08:14 PM) LETS GET THAT BF4 SERVER RUNNING!! WHO'S WITH ME??
@  Nandy (Yesterday, 08:13 PM) Anyone holding on to an extra copy of Insurgency they wouldnt mind parting with? :S
@  Bogbilly (Yesterday, 07:28 PM) Got it Nimbus thanks
@  Nimbus (Yesterday, 07:27 PM) http://gsngaming.com...&module=support go there click new request
@  Bogbilly (Yesterday, 07:23 PM) Hi guys, Im a bit brain dead tonight but how do you start a support ticket?
@  300harbingers (Yesterday, 07:05 PM) im so bored waiting for bf4 to update
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 07:02 PM) hello and awesome vid Termi, yet another reminder of why i get killed so often in BF4
@  TheClutchPotato... (Yesterday, 06:08 PM) Hey guys!
@  SaltySam (Yesterday, 05:38 PM) its so sexy in 60 lol
@  03Termi (Yesterday, 05:23 PM) new video up @60fps! https://www.youtube....n7qrtpX25Xzde7w
@  Modoc (Yesterday, 05:19 PM) yeah, nothing beats a nice MLT.....
@  SaltySam (Yesterday, 05:18 PM) All.Day.I.Dream.About.Sandwiches
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 05:17 PM) A.D.I.D.A.S.
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 04:52 PM) you mean gained
@  Bill (Yesterday, 04:52 PM) You lost cool points
@  Modoc (Yesterday, 04:51 PM) I believe the popular time is, " ALL. DAY!"
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 04:51 PM) i... have a wii u now.
@  SpaceCoder (Yesterday, 04:49 PM) ill be happy to help test it. do u have a set time or just join it anytime?
@  JollyGG (Yesterday, 04:16 PM) I will :o
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 04:08 PM) Anyone want to help us test the insurgency server for tomorrows event?
@  Bill (Yesterday, 04:05 PM) TURTLES
@  Nonexistant (Yesterday, 03:57 PM) Static Shocked my Pc case, and the computer restarted!
@  Nonexistant (Yesterday, 03:56 PM) I just had a scare!
@  Nonexistant (Yesterday, 03:56 PM) Howdy
@  M249-M4A1 (Yesterday, 03:41 PM) heloo everyone
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 03:24 PM) We can try for Saturday events too. Sundays just always seem to be more popular!
@  Bill (Yesterday, 03:23 PM) Balls. I may make it for a round or two. Y NO SATURDAY EVENTS? :whyno.png:
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 03:18 PM) Insurgency event tomorrow at 2pm EST http://gsngaming.com...surgency-event/
@  300harbingers (Yesterday, 02:19 PM) what the ***
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 02:18 PM) good luck, we are all counting on you ♥
@  Al Hoff (Yesterday, 02:09 PM) Gonna test this 970 out
@  300harbingers (Yesterday, 02:07 PM) !!!!!!!!!
@  300harbingers (Yesterday, 02:07 PM) http://gyazo.com/ccd...cb532b34a269535
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 01:45 PM) poop! live music at the hotel across the street...You all know what that means :D
@  Fusion3Gz (Yesterday, 01:40 PM) btw morning all you sexy beast!
@  Fusion3Gz (Yesterday, 01:40 PM) back to streaming some DayZ! http://www.twitch.tv/Fusion3Gz
@  Nackers (Yesterday, 12:23 PM) Tomorrow is the last day you can submit your video for the GSN Video Contest!!!!! Detail here! http://cl.ly/YdlF
@  Nackers (Yesterday, 12:17 PM) Later don!
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 12:12 PM) goin out to party wild soon so u guys have a fantastic night :)
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 12:00 PM) oh key
@  Nackers (Yesterday, 11:59 AM) OKAYYYYYY
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 11:59 AM) ok
@  Nandy (Yesterday, 11:58 AM) WHAT?!
@  Nackers (Yesterday, 11:52 AM) I SAID YAYEAHHHHH
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 11:47 AM) ... um, fur shizzle
@  Cullen (Yesterday, 11:43 AM) YEAH
@  Nandy (Yesterday, 11:42 AM) YEAH
@  Nackers (Yesterday, 11:37 AM) YEAH MORNING
@  Nandy (Yesterday, 11:32 AM) Morning, ladies and gentlemen
@  Blade (Yesterday, 11:27 AM) good morning all
@  TacticalSandals (Yesterday, 11:19 AM) oh and i missed robots shout, good morning bbr!
@  TacticalSandals (Yesterday, 11:18 AM) good morning lone/space!
@  LoneWolf (Yesterday, 11:12 AM) good morning GSN!
@  SpaceCoder (Yesterday, 10:54 AM) good morning everyone
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 09:45 AM) i second that one robot
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 09:45 AM) morning mr
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:44 AM) What a f'in week.
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:44 AM) Morning everyone!
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 09:09 AM) not to shabby just woke up little while ago having coffee deciding what to play or watch lol
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 09:06 AM) oh im good :) having a drink and ajeoying my wierd music :P hows urself this fine day
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 09:02 AM) how are you today don
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 09:00 AM) morning Devils
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 08:53 AM) good morning errbody
@  Viper (Yesterday, 07:08 AM) hi
@  joey (Yesterday, 03:54 AM) <_<
@  TacticalSandals (Yesterday, 03:32 AM) :yucky:
@  Preacher (Yesterday, 03:30 AM) Shadow... I read that as 1080 porn hunt videos lol
@  ShadowOxide (Yesterday, 03:27 AM) Night guys
@  Fusion3Gz (Yesterday, 03:26 AM) XD Goove
@  ShadowOxide (Yesterday, 03:16 AM) So far i love BF4

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