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@  Wilsky (Today, 12:23 AM) Why does it sound like that ad, "you wouldn't download a car!" Hell yeah I would.
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:04 AM) LOL. They can sell drugs to a computer, but heaven forbid the computer tells me who sold to them lol
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 10:55 PM) Welcome to the forums greg. View greg's Profile
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:51 PM) back to futurama ^^
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:48 PM) actually its buy from a touch screen isnt it?
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:47 PM) there were 340 on his channel most of them they will check GSN to see what was that all about ;)
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:47 PM) yea there is always gonna ungrateful people but if i learned anything from managing servers .. just keep doing what you do ... those people will crawl back to you .. there is no such thing as bad advertisement
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:45 PM) under that logic how can you sell drugs to a touchscreen
@  Paronity (Yesterday, 09:45 PM) cant please everyone
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:44 PM) That too. Because the dealer was a touch screen and not a person lol.
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:43 PM) Wish he would of jsut provided feedback instead of just rage quitting and trashing the server. That doesn't help anyone.
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:43 PM) what he actually got pissed for that he wasnt caught on act and the dealer is a tablet (touch screen)?
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:42 PM) yeah that's what I got from it. Guess from what he says no other servers do that... oh well
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:41 PM) So he was most pissed about them being on teh wanted list because of the dealer.
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:41 PM) yea dont escalate trollers thats just make em troll more
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:41 PM) oh well
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:41 PM) Twitch chad is usually full of trolls
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:39 PM) wise i would have done the same ^^
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:38 PM) Alright. that's fine then. I just felt like I said one thing and instantly the chat just jumped on me and started saying I (and GSN) were racist, I wasn't going to stick around for that or let it go any farther.
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:36 PM) told ya :P
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:36 PM) Fred_ortiz: Nincorp we just fucking with u , Lrthugin: stop calling nin a racist guys unless hes said or done something racist
@  joey (Yesterday, 09:32 PM) nin they are pulling your leg :D
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:26 PM) jsut saying that he got arrested for bullshit reasons..
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:25 PM) He is shit talking the server. Dont feel bad at all
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:23 PM) oh damn...
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:22 PM) Nah. He went to another server. I don't think he's coming back. Now I feel really bad.
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:20 PM) Wait rebels can restrain now?
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 09:19 PM) Looks like he is back in the game
@  HacksawJack (Yesterday, 09:17 PM) poor ...
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:11 PM) Yeah, he didn't like the fact taht we quested the dealer and it had their name on it.
@  HacksawJack (Yesterday, 09:10 PM) seriously?
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 09:00 PM) Naw didn't want to piss him off. Stream snipers are the worst. However, we legit caught him right now and he rage quit.
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 08:34 PM) Welcome to the forums Christopher. View Christopher's Profile
@  joey (Yesterday, 08:30 PM) guys you should spice things up there like arrest and all :D
@  joey (Yesterday, 08:27 PM) he doesnt remember me doe :(
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 08:23 PM) Jamal plays with lirik on life mods. Really cool dude
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 08:18 PM) Welcome to the forums RisingRonin. View RisingRonin's Profile
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 08:09 PM) Welcome to the forums lolsun. View lolsun's Profile
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 08:02 PM) Anyone wanna play some hidden with a friend of mine and myself
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 07:59 PM) Jamal is playing on our server: http://www.twitch.tv/jamalbutterworth
@  Desync (Yesterday, 07:21 PM) awesome song
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 07:21 PM) hello
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 07:21 PM) Hi P1 :D
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 07:20 PM) if not how is this? https://www.youtube....h?v=nEjLFpU2pJ4
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 07:19 PM) HOW IS THIS? IS IT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU! lmao
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 07:19 PM) Not a single shout in three hours...
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:38 PM) Don't worry Turbo, I got something you might like. Also the music video is hilarious https://www.youtube....h?v=E8b4xYbEugo
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:37 PM) I like the chorus but intro is a tad weird. Also girl in the skeleton skin tights is cute.
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 04:37 PM) Welcome to the forums kacperu. View kacperu's Profile
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:36 PM) Lol its like indie pop
@  Turbod0g (Yesterday, 04:34 PM) Ary please thank him for this https://www.youtube....h?v=VGvHnDeS12o
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:31 PM) lmao, cause goldfish is bomb
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 04:30 PM) how funny u posted goldfish and i did b4 watching ur link haha
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 04:30 PM) https://www.youtube....8j-vDZERdwExSzg
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:29 PM) Kinda like this stuff https://www.youtube....h?v=O-N2t2UORuA
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 04:29 PM) we cant all like the same shit :P
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 04:28 PM) Idk, I liked it. But I like jazz-infused beats with contemporary music
@  Turbod0g (Yesterday, 04:25 PM) made me have a seizure and a headache lol
@  Turbod0g (Yesterday, 04:24 PM) Don that shit sucked
@  DonDiablo (Yesterday, 04:03 PM) i just love this :P https://www.youtube....B6BABBB0A440951
@  M249-M4A1 (Yesterday, 03:31 PM) i thought you said grab some teets
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 03:27 PM) Welcome to the forums SaltySam. View SaltySam's Profile
@  IeXiLeDu (Yesterday, 03:14 PM) I need to write a 6-8 on the Tet Offensive by tomorrow. Yet all I want to do is play vidja games :(
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 02:28 PM) http://youtu.be/0iRTB-FTMdk
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 02:28 PM) Maybe it's time to party. And by party I mean, grab some treats and play games in seclusion! WOO
@  Desync (Yesterday, 02:15 PM) guess it's time to start streaming
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 02:15 PM) Literally.
@  Desync (Yesterday, 02:13 PM) usual shit then
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 02:12 PM) Same things, different daaaay.
@  Desync (Yesterday, 02:11 PM) What's up?
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 02:08 PM) *giggles*
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Yesterday, 02:07 PM) *fart noise*
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 02:04 PM) Hahaha, xD These guys.
@  M249-M4A1 (Yesterday, 01:42 PM) thats exactly what cullen is like when mackey joins his TS channel
@  Cullen (Yesterday, 01:25 PM) so true
@  Cullen (Yesterday, 01:19 PM) hahaha
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 01:10 PM) This is cullen: http://cl.ly/VBRj
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 12:48 PM) BUT i will be there ;)
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 12:48 PM) its just gonna be about altis :down:
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 12:41 PM) community meeting this sunday: http://gsngaming.com...munity-meeting/
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 12:40 PM) hahaha
@  Cullen (Yesterday, 12:22 PM) suuuure
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 12:15 PM) #muffforpresident
@  Paronity (Yesterday, 12:14 PM) uhhhhh - yea......
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 12:01 PM) Oops. Did I say butterkuhp. I meant....uh....
@  Cullen (Yesterday, 11:52 AM) ....
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 11:37 AM) lmfao robot!
@  NINcorp (Yesterday, 11:19 AM) <_< >_>
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 11:18 AM) I had altis life dreams of arresting butterkhup and taking her to jail to play the close your eyes and open your mouth game.
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Yesterday, 11:13 AM) ALL DAI
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 11:11 AM) ALL DAY
@  Wilsky (Yesterday, 10:50 AM) Morning all
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 10:45 AM) http://youtu.be/A5rJk6tLRCw
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 10:44 AM) morning MR bad
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 10:41 AM) Morning
@  NewsBot (Yesterday, 09:49 AM) Welcome to the forums Zheil. View Zheil's Profile
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 09:15 AM) hey hey mr
@  P1-Kashwak (Yesterday, 09:12 AM) morning everyone
@  Devils_knight (Yesterday, 08:29 AM) hows u today commy
@  CoMmOdUs (Yesterday, 08:28 AM) :devil:

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