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We are a PC gaming community with mature, friendly and team oriented members that play and livestream games like ARMA, Altis Life, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield, Minecraft and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  Gurthy (4 minutes ago) I want in M2. I'll just take it from ya. ;)
@  witbox (15 minutes ago) I'm going to raffle off this bottle of whiskey...
@  Nimbus (15 minutes ago) And no Mackey, just monitors like whoa. Don't need the surrounds aspect...
@  Nimbus (16 minutes ago) BilBRO Swagins
@  M249-M4A1 (16 minutes ago) i think im going to raffle away my minecraft torch
@  Nimbus (16 minutes ago) wrong
@  witbox (17 minutes ago) the altis life server down for long?
@  elemental (19 minutes ago) exactly mckay!!
@  Fusion3Gz (19 minutes ago) BILBO SWAGINS!
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (20 minutes ago) oagipshdasfdklhjfklhjsadklfhjshjadklfhjklasfdasdf
@  Nimbus (21 minutes ago) And no Mackey, just monitors like whoa. Don't need the surrounds aspect...
@  M249-M4A1 (26 minutes ago) hi element!
@  elemental (31 minutes ago) hi m2
@  M249-M4A1 (36 minutes ago) im falling asleep
@  M249-M4A1 (37 minutes ago) hi
@  elemental (37 minutes ago) Say hi, I'll manage something ^_^
@  elemental (38 minutes ago) I'm currently in a room somewhere, drunk.... I'm easy to spot....
@  CoMmOdUs (39 minutes ago) :D
@  JollyGG (39 minutes ago) Dooooo it Paroninerb
@  JollyGG (39 minutes ago) Commy drinking is fun. Still won't forget when he fell asleep on us xD
@  Paronity (43 minutes ago) I want to ban gyazo links from the forums
@  elemental (50 minutes ago) @Don I'm on tas!!!!!!!!
@  elemental (54 minutes ago) Tookl me 4 attemps to lofg in...... drunk much????
@  DonDiablo (59 minutes ago) the difference beteen me and commy drunk ;D i stay the fuck away from ts ;)
@  Devils_knight (59 minutes ago) all good happens to the best of us lol
@  Blargosaur (Today, 07:29 PM) Oh dang. my bad
@  Devils_knight (Today, 07:29 PM) says cancelled look at event
@  Blargosaur (Today, 07:23 PM) When's the league stream coming on?
@  Devils_knight (Today, 07:15 PM) whats going on everybody ?
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:49 PM) lolol
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Today, 06:47 PM) No shit Sherlock
@  300harbingers (Today, 06:26 PM) noted: its still a little cold to ride a motorcycle in a t-shirt
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 05:43 PM) Paronity is still working on it. It'll be fixed.
@  emttim (Today, 05:19 PM) http://gyazo.com/17f...cc1295c67137018
@  emttim (Today, 05:19 PM) Yes, I agree.... http://gyazo.com/17f...cc1295c67137018
@  Rando (Today, 05:01 PM) armamanager has some issues....lol someone check it !
@  NewsBot (Today, 04:41 PM) Welcome to the forums SiNNERGi. View SiNNERGi's Profile
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 04:21 PM) working. when im on, nobody else is. :(
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Today, 04:04 PM) Where the hell have you been dickle
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 03:57 PM) <3
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 03:57 PM) -_-
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 03:57 PM) YOU FAILING FAILURE
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 03:57 PM) HEY MACKEY
@  Nimbus (Today, 03:56 PM) And no Mackey, just monitors like whoa. Don't need the surrounds aspect...
@  Paronity (Today, 03:56 PM) we are aiming for 8 or 9 eastern
@  Nimbus (Today, 03:56 PM) And no Mackey, just monitors like whoa. Don't need the surrounds aspect...
@  Nimbus (Today, 03:56 PM) mann all dat nerdy shiz
@  Paronity (Today, 03:55 PM) And no Mackey, just monitors like whoa. Don't need the surrounds aspect...
@  Paronity (Today, 03:54 PM) That nimbus, is out beloved altis life server.
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Today, 03:48 PM) Nice @Paronity that is sweet. No Nvidia surround?
@  Aryanix (Today, 03:45 PM) what time will the altis server be reset and live tonight?
@  Nimbus (Today, 03:44 PM) what is that nerdy stuff on the center one
@  Paronity (Today, 03:41 PM) 3rd 144hz monitors isntalled..... i know i know - im rediciulous
@  Paronity (Today, 03:41 PM) http://img.paronity.com/V5Af
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 03:33 PM) Wow that sucks
@  Rando (Today, 03:20 PM) with GAijins help i might add, so pissed
@  Rando (Today, 03:20 PM) my account got hacked and they burned thru all my golden eagles
@  Rando (Today, 03:20 PM) If you play War Thunder change your password !!!
@  NewsBot (Today, 02:34 PM) Welcome to the forums Zhooom. View Zhooom's Profile
@  Blargosaur (Today, 01:32 PM) i'm bout to be having some shiner bock
@  DonDiablo (Today, 01:31 PM) im having some baileys :D omnom
@  Gurthy (Today, 01:30 PM) good choice!
@  Blargosaur (Today, 01:30 PM) howdy. i'm eating buffalo chicken rolls
@  Gurthy (Today, 01:29 PM) sup yall!
@  Devils_knight (Today, 01:20 PM) lol
@  Wilsky (Today, 01:18 PM) Ornery Blarg need smokes or smash things
@  Blargosaur (Today, 01:17 PM) Ornery blarg has no cigarettes cause mom took the truck without him knowing >:(
@  elemental (Today, 01:07 PM) hahaha! I'll bve on crutches so if they creep me out I'll prod them till they go away!!
@  emttim (Today, 12:59 PM) of course. always exceptions to the rules
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:58 PM) Unless they're buying you booze, but only till they get boring
@  emttim (Today, 12:57 PM) and dont talk to strangers
@  emttim (Today, 12:57 PM) stay safe!
@  elemental (Today, 12:56 PM) Off out for the night.... Expect random drunkness on my return :P Have fun guys and catch ya'll laters
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:32 PM) Oh, other games lobbies. Awesome!
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:31 PM) alrighty I will trust in thee emttim and wait to see :D
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:27 PM) oh hi :D
@  emttim (Today, 12:27 PM) Work in progress :-)
@  Blargosaur (Today, 12:27 PM) game lobby 9 and 10? :P
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:22 PM) Hm...but where shall I hang out if I'm not playing any of those games :/
@  Blargosaur (Today, 12:21 PM) The ts setup mirrors the gamevox one currently
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:20 PM) In TS?
@  Wilsky (Today, 12:20 PM) Woah, so are we losing our general chat lobbies?
@  Wilsky (Today, 11:49 AM) Morning all!
@  Blargosaur (Today, 11:23 AM) Loads a little slow, but yo can use this http://steam-roulette.heroku.com/
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:08 AM) you guy showed me all the dealz
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:08 AM) for becoming part of the gsn familya nd haveing no games maybe 20 this time last year im doing very well
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:07 AM) yeah alot i havent played, got them in bundles so they werent something i wanted just the bundle had few games i thought looked good
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:06 AM) lol
@  Paronity (Today, 11:04 AM) so I have like 200+ games that have 0 hours in them
@  Paronity (Today, 11:04 AM) the irony is that I have less time than most people to play games
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:03 AM) thought i was doing ok with 192 lol put my head down n shame walk away lol
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:02 AM) id be so lost
@  emttim (Today, 11:02 AM) Now* I understand
@  emttim (Today, 11:01 AM) No I understand why you have so many monitors.... you have to so you have time to play all those games in that short time we called LIFE!
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:01 AM) i got less then a 4th of u games lol
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:01 AM) wtf paronity were you not at like 500 games few months back
@  emttim (Today, 11:00 AM) That be just crazy Paronity!
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:00 AM) i dont have as many games as paronity lol so i should be ok
@  Paronity (Today, 11:00 AM) pick one of mine devils: http://img.paronity.com/V54j
@  Devils_knight (Today, 10:59 AM) ill find something i always do

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