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We are a PC gaming community with mature, friendly and team oriented members that play and livestream games like ARMA, Altis Life, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield, Minecraft and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  SpaceCoder (A minute ago) lol it works!!! and its fun
@  SpaceCoder (4 minutes ago) just hope it runs on my chromebook
@  SpaceCoder (6 minutes ago) trying it out now
@  Modoc (15 minutes ago) absolutely best work time waster so far. http://dayz.com/minidayz/play
@  SpaceCoder (26 minutes ago) come on just got off pc lol
@  Fusion3Gz (27 minutes ago) Just look for me in the ts if you care to join us
@  Fusion3Gz (27 minutes ago) with a base and tons of guns as of right now
@  Fusion3Gz (27 minutes ago) About 4-5 people at the moment
@  Fusion3Gz (28 minutes ago) I have a decent group on CCG Overpoch US 2
@  SpaceCoder (28 minutes ago) on the calendar it seems like its just moved to next wednesday
@  SpaceCoder (29 minutes ago) idk
@  TacticalSandals (29 minutes ago) did robot ever reschedual his alien isolation stream?
@  SpaceCoder (38 minutes ago) ahhh just turned off my pc if only u sent this 3mins earlier lol
@  Nackers (40 minutes ago) see you then 11!
@  11b30 (40 minutes ago) im down with BF just need 10 mins
@  Nackers (42 minutes ago) COME PLAY BATTLEFIELD
@  SpaceCoder (43 minutes ago) hey i havent seen a purple in a long time :D
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 08:30 PM) lol ikr, had to use DayzDB to figure that out
@  Majorpain762 (Today, 08:21 PM) I hardly ever know where I am on SA lol
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 08:17 PM) Standalone is so hard if you don't know where you are...
@  Majorpain762 (Today, 08:08 PM) i'd have to install arma2 and mod again
@  Modoc (Today, 08:08 PM) I don't play/own the stand alone, I haven't played the mod in a lonnnnggggg time...........
@  Majorpain762 (Today, 08:08 PM) never tried it lol
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 08:07 PM) i think he was playing on Overpoch
@  Majorpain762 (Today, 08:04 PM) is there a specific dayZ server GSN people like to play on?
@  Majorpain762 (Today, 08:03 PM) stand alone?
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 08:01 PM) #Just got hacked in dayz again......
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 07:55 PM) cool :D
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 07:55 PM) Space on monday me and you are gonna be figuring out the routs we will take when doing events and the places we will be during bank robberys and the classes we will use if you can make it
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 07:54 PM) great choice
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 07:54 PM) lol
@  Miatch (Today, 07:53 PM) im on it
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 07:53 PM) Time to let Miatch handle ban reports
@  Miatch (Today, 07:45 PM) IM ALMOST DRUNK....HEELLLPPP....MAN DOWN
@  Kest (Today, 07:43 PM) Afternoon folks
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 07:42 PM) 102 replies to ALF's recruitment page, holy ****
@  Nandy (Today, 07:37 PM) Nackers will be in soon. @Koda
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 07:21 PM) yea its ok man. wait do u work at a casino?
@  LoneWolf (Today, 07:15 PM) yeah, tried to catch some of it at work, but kind of hard to when our Gaming Comission decides to test our emergency procedures...
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 06:53 PM) srry u missed it man :(
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 06:53 PM) yea
@  Koda (Today, 06:47 PM) Nackers whenever youre available to get in TS i need to chat with ya!!
@  LoneWolf (Today, 06:46 PM) Space, are you done for the day?
@  Michael Jamison (Today, 06:36 PM) its a amazing game i higly recommend
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 06:35 PM) streaming is my new favorite thing to do lol :D
@  Modoc (Today, 04:58 PM) If you haven't played Rising Storm now would be a time to grab it http://store.steampo...com/app/234510/
@  Devils_knight (Today, 04:52 PM) PENIS!
@  Nackers (Today, 04:46 PM) I'll throw it up on the TV at work space!
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 04:46 PM) come now for some music from the fallout games
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 04:45 PM) going live in 15mins http://www.twitch.tv/spacecoder
@  JackDee (Today, 04:14 PM) Arma3 50% off >> https://store.bistud...=com_virtuemart
@  HacksawJack (Today, 02:34 PM) Stick I am a disappoint
@  HacksawJack (Today, 02:34 PM) This is why we cant have a nice chatbox
@  Devils_knight (Today, 02:33 PM) thank god its FRIDAY!!!
@  Nackers (Today, 02:32 PM) GOD DAMMIT STICKY
@  Stickytubesock (Today, 02:11 PM) The game.
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 12:26 PM) oh no not this bosswaffles kid... keeps spamming me on steam :(
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 12:15 PM) but it sure is fun
@  Gurthyy (Today, 12:15 PM) It's really not healthy. lmao
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 12:12 PM) ohhhhhh, minecrack, how we love thee. xD
@  Gurthyy (Today, 12:11 PM) I wonder if my work computer (Virtual Machine) can run Minecraft....
@  bosswaffles (Today, 12:10 PM) Don't u have school
@  bosswaffles (Today, 12:10 PM) Space Coder wassup bro
@  Blade (Today, 12:01 PM) hey
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:58 AM) howdy
@  Devils_knight (Today, 11:57 AM) sup folks
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:41 AM) lol :D
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:40 AM) to get you through the week. xD
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:40 AM) and then you have another weekend to look forward to O.o
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:39 AM) and then monday comes lol :(
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:38 AM) great time to relax and play video games and not have to worry about homework and school and tests....
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:38 AM) ik
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:37 AM) weekends are awesome
@  Nackers (Today, 11:37 AM) Time to leave office 1 and head to office 2! Later guys!
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:36 AM) only 4 more hrs of school and im done :D
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 11:36 AM) cant wait for the weekend
@  Nackers (Today, 11:35 AM) Morning blade.
@  Nackers (Today, 11:35 AM) I'll prob be home from work around 7-8pm today, so around then?
@  Blade (Today, 11:35 AM) good morning all
@  Nandy (Today, 11:35 AM) Nackers, when will the BF4 be commencing?
@  Nackers (Today, 11:34 AM) HO SHIT SHE SAW US
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:23 AM) lol, good morning, all
@  Gurthyy (Today, 11:18 AM) Oh man, that's who you were talking about? shit.
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:17 AM) o.o
@  Nandy (Today, 11:16 AM) wha
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:15 AM) >_o
@  Nackers (Today, 11:13 AM) GURTHY
@  Nandy (Today, 11:12 AM) HI GUYS
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:09 AM) lol, howdy gurthyy
@  Gurthyy (Today, 11:08 AM) \(just saying hi to everyone I could see in chat box w/o scrolling)
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:02 AM) HI NANDY!!!
@  Nandy (Today, 11:01 AM) Im waiting for you guys.
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 11:00 AM) poor M2 and his new paperweight
@  Cullen (Today, 10:59 AM) sorry you cant join us m2 :(
@  Sadistikitty (Today, 10:59 AM) T^T that's bad, m'kay
@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 10:58 AM) ALF just slaughters all the cops xD\

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