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We are a PC gaming community with mature, friendly and team oriented members that play and livestream games like ARMA, Altis Life, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield, Minecraft and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  MrMackeyMKayyy (4 minutes ago) http://boards.deniab...99590292560.png
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (9 minutes ago) I am back from forming my first post
@  ShadowOxide (14 minutes ago) LMAO
@  SaltySam (16 minutes ago) or some... Barney?
@  Nimbus (20 minutes ago) need some pee pee with that snow
@  Paronity (20 minutes ago) inb4racistcomment
@  Paronity (20 minutes ago) the white to color ratio in this shoutbox is alarming :D
@  Gonzo (35 minutes ago) What pisses me off is few of the name brand laptops have a video card worth a crap. Even an upgraded one has proprietary drivers, which they never update after release.
@  Gonzo (36 minutes ago) That's not a bad CPU. Some good video cards are pretty cheap. My hurdle was the cost of a new MOBO and Processor.
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (40 minutes ago) And it not a graphic card
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (40 minutes ago) I have computer with a Intel i3 cpu with on board graphic chip
@  Gonzo (42 minutes ago) Just upgraded mine after 5 years of running a core two duo. Finally have a 'modern' computer.
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (43 minutes ago) Rookie mistake
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (43 minutes ago) Sorry
@  Gonzo (43 minutes ago) I should have said, 'blue'.
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (44 minutes ago) Instead I stuck will fecal matter family computer that is slightily outdated
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (46 minutes ago) I wish I have a gaming pc (sad face) :(
@  Gonzo (47 minutes ago) Working toward blue. Damn it, I have to work, so I get maybe 1 shot a night at a Pub Cop slot!
@  orangeandblue (48 minutes ago) Does DeadRising3 look cool or will it suck? I'll hang up and listen ...
@  Gonzo (48 minutes ago) Doh... I thought it was white.
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (49 minutes ago) I am grey lol
@  TacticalSandals (50 minutes ago) sooo much grey!
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (51 minutes ago) Sure
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (51 minutes ago) I think you mean *why not?*
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (51 minutes ago) What not????????
@  joey (52 minutes ago) fallout fan?
@  joey (53 minutes ago) whats not? :D
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (53 minutes ago) For my profile
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (53 minutes ago) You see my image
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (53 minutes ago) And it not a theat
@  joey (54 minutes ago) lol :P
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (54 minutes ago) I got a suprise
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (54 minutes ago) Refresh for a moment plz
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (56 minutes ago) Okee Dokie
@  joey (57 minutes ago) have a look around read some topic that may interest you :P
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (58 minutes ago) I am such newbie at time <__>
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:56 PM) Oh,sorry
@  joey (Today, 09:55 PM) so the shoutbox usually colorful
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:55 PM) It okay Rage
@  joey (Today, 09:55 PM) no.. just referring to the shoutbox status atm usally some members ranks/ have different colors
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:54 PM) Is HKRage insulting me?
@  joey (Today, 09:53 PM) rage xD
@  joey (Today, 09:53 PM) well its a good place to hang around have a nice discussion too away from the games
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:52 PM) I don't have Minecraft
@  HKRage (Today, 09:51 PM) What is this block of white text? :P
@  joey (Today, 09:50 PM) they play minecraft too click on the server tab to see servers list
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:50 PM) But most of the users play high demand game right?
@  joey (Today, 09:48 PM) doesnt matter your specs :P
@  joey (Today, 09:48 PM) well its an open community anyone can join
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:47 PM) *Like a low peformance pc?*
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:47 PM) Like low perfomance pc?
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:46 PM) Can you really join this commmunity if you don't have Gaming Pc?
@  joey (Today, 09:44 PM) calm down son you are among your own people
@  joey (Today, 09:44 PM) nah if you looked closely that was on pc magazine weird thing to have though
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:44 PM) I just so neverous
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:43 PM) Nevermind that
@  joey (Today, 09:43 PM) introduce yourself here ask question http://gsngaming.com...-introductions/
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:43 PM) Oh thank I thought I was at the wrong fourm
@  joey (Today, 09:42 PM) correct good sir
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:41 PM) So this is the community for Pc gaming yes?
@  joey (Today, 09:40 PM) hey jerry berry welcome to GSN
@  JerryMcGoodBerry (Today, 09:40 PM) Hiya guys I am new here
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:38 PM) oh no, joey just made this chat weird
@  MrMackeyMKayyy (Today, 09:36 PM) ...
@  joey (Today, 09:34 PM) http://www.pcmag.com...,2398754,00.asp LOL/WTF
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:27 PM) looks like they made 6 core am3 chips but they are super expensive compared to the am3+
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:27 PM) AM3+ mobos can run AM3 cpus, but only certain AM3 mobos can run AM3+ cpus
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:23 PM) i think am3 socket can run am2 chips but not am3+ chips
@  HKRage (Today, 09:21 PM) AM3+ should be backwards compatible with AM3 or it may be the other way around.
@  joey (Today, 09:20 PM) http://i.gyazo.com/6...3215d53c3ef.png ehm i dont know what newegg was thinking..
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:17 PM) nope just am3/am2
@  Al Hoff (Today, 09:17 PM) cpuboss.com and gpuboss.com are your bench-marking comparison friends.
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:17 PM) well wait a min leme check
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:16 PM) i ment am3+ lol
@  Al Hoff (Today, 09:16 PM) Ah my old setup was AM3, I had to upgrade to get better stuff. :) Basically overclocked my phenom II x4 955 BE to 3.6 but it wasn't enough.
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:15 PM) a 3.5ghz 8 core Vishera goes for $160. but its am3+
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:15 PM) mobo that is
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:15 PM) is your am3 compatible with am3+
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:13 PM) Hmmm I'm sure there is a really nice processor for $80-150
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:13 PM) AM3
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:12 PM) What socket do you have?
@  SaltySam (Today, 09:09 PM) that's right, easier to change out when it's already apart lol
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:02 PM) but there's a reason god made ramen :P
@  300harbingers (Today, 09:01 PM) i'm half hoping my processor is burnt so i have to buy a new better one, but really don't have the budget to make it work painlessly
@  Al Hoff (Today, 09:01 PM) I love the fresh smell of motherboards.
@  ShadowOxide (Today, 09:00 PM) I remember when I got my new mobo a few weeks ago. I was in geek heaven : )
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:59 PM) :P
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:59 PM) with my internet speed; days
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:58 PM) certainly would make the transition a few hours faster lol
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:57 PM) It's exactly the same motherboard as i had before, so hopefully it recognizes the harddrive and dosn't make me reinstall everything
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:56 PM) yep just bought myself a tube of thermal paste today, figured it would be more than $1
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:55 PM) Well at least the wait is almost over and looks like you already have everything prepped to go into the case
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:54 PM) assuming nothing else was fried i should be up and running tomorrow night
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:54 PM) T Minus 14 hours
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:53 PM) How long until you get the new mobo?
@  300harbingers (Today, 08:53 PM) i never realized how boring life is without my computer :(
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:50 PM) Picking Apples ALL DAY!
@  Schwin (Today, 08:46 PM) haha i know but i cant play with 50 bucks xD
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:46 PM) and congrats Blarg, fingers are crossed!
@  SaltySam (Today, 08:46 PM) Comp takes time Schwin, like everything else in life, Patience is a virtue!

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